12 Other Usages Of Coffee Powder That Recently Discovered

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on earth. Coffee has been a favorite drink by many people since the first time it was invented. As a popular drink, coffee has been through a lot of modification in taste and the way they are served. As the result, there are a lot of variations of drinking coffee and the tastes are also evolved depending on the countries itself. Coffee is not only a perfect drink but also it can be used for the other things that you might didn’t know it before. So, do you want to know the other usage of coffee? Alright, here we go!

1. Foul Odor Remover

fridgeThe first usage of coffee on the list is, it can help you to repel the foul odor inside your refrigerator. As a place to put every kind of raw and processed foods, your refrigerator is the source of odor which might be unacceptable by your nose. So, don’t throw off your coffee after you drink it. Coffee dregs or powder can be used to solve your problem. You can use hard grinded coffee powder at your refrigerator. Put it on a pouch and place it in the corner of your fridge. Hard grinded coffee can remove the foul odor by absorbing it. So, do you want to try it?

2. Repel the Insects

Zombie Ants

The second usage of coffee powder is,it can ward off the disturbing insects around your house. Cockroach, ants, termites, and the other insects are usually hard to be cast off and several kinds of insect like cockroach can bring disease for you. Wait, don’t call the insect exterminator service yet, you can cast them off by yourself. Pour the coffee powder around the areas which are used to be the route of insects. The coffee powder will produced the special flavor which can disrupt the insect route itself and they will slowly move to another place. So, how is it? No need to call the insect exterminator service so fast right?

3. Plant Fertilizer

plantThe next other usage of coffee powder on the list is, it can help your plants to grow thicker. The coffee powder can be used as plant fertilizer which is useful to support the growth of our plants. Pour the coffee powder into your plant regularly and watch the difference. So, no need to use artificial fertilizer right? From plants and it will going back for plants.

4. Concealing the Scratch

furnitureesThe fourth other usage from coffee powder is, it can help you to conceal the scratches in your wooden furniture. The instruction is simple, mix a certain amount of coffee with water and rub it into the scratched part to fix it. You can repeat this method until the scratches are really concealed and gone forever. It’s easy and simple to do isn’t it?

5. Coloring the Cloth


Artificial color for cloth has been used for so long. However, the residual of artificial color is hazardous for the surrounding environment. Coffee powder can be the best solution for it. You can use coffee to coloring your cloth. You will get natural brown color from coffee if you used it and of course it’s safe for the surrounding environment so you don’t have to worry.

6. Cleaning the Dust


Cleaning your house is proven to be “not so easy“ job to do. There are a lot of dust that coming out from your house. The dust will affect your respiratory system. You can use coffee powder to minimize this problem. Mix a certain amount of coffee and water. Coffee can absorb the dust so it will not affecting your respiratory system and now you can clean up your house more comfortable before without worrying the dust.

7. Protecting Your Garden

gardenYou must be feel upset if you found your flower garden is accidentally destroyed by your pets. If this thing is really happen to you, don’t beat your pets since they only follow their instinct. There is a solution for this problem instead of using your emotion. You can use coffee powder. Coffee powder can also be used to protecting your flower garden from your pets. But how come? You can mix coffee and orange skin and pour it around your flower garden. Your pets will not approaching your flower garden anymore.

8. Clean Up Your Shoes

heelsThere are a lot of foul odor sources inside your house and this is only one example from it. The smell from your shoes sometimes can wake up the dead corpses to cover up their nose once again. The foul odor from your shoes is as strong as the other odor at your home. Don’t worry, the coffee powder can help you to remove it. Pour the coffee powder inside your shoes and say goodbye to the foul odor forever.

9. Clean Up the Stains

stainsSometimes, the stains in your plates or ink in your clothes are not so easy to be removed. Don’t throw them yet because it still can be saved. You can use a certain amount of coffee powder and mix it with water. Use it to remove the stains in your clothes or plates. Happy trying!

10. Aromatic Smell


Coffee has a fresh smell whether it’s already brewed or not. The smell of coffee can rejuvenate your feeling and also give you the immediate energy. You can put the coffee powder into a pouch and there you are, an easy aromatic pouch is ready to be used.

11. Barbeque Seasoning


Are you one of the barbeque lovers? If yes, so you need to read this. Coffee powder can be your special barbeque seasonings. You can roast the coffee powder for 30 seconds and then add them into your barbeque seasonings. Marinate the meat along with the meat for a couple hours inside the fridge. And then, the barbeque meat is ready to grill.

12. Clean Up the Pan

dirty pan

The residual from your coffee can also remove the black stains in your pan. You just need to rub it in your pan. And then, you can soak and wash it as usual. Your pan will be reborn once again.


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