12 Healthy Tips For Improving Your Brain Performance

Genius people are always attractive and popular among the other people. Genius people are always play important role in the human era. Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, Ibnu Al Khwarizmi and Nicola Tesla are the small examples of genius influenced person in the world. They are known to have marvelous minds beyond their period of life. Our brain is a super computer weighed around 1,5 kg. As the center of our body control, our brain is also deciding in how you think and interact with another people. With their 100 billions of interconnected cells, your brain is more complicated and advanced than any other computers in the world. The next popular question related with this phenomenon is, can we get smarter and maximizing our brain function? The answer is, yes we can. Optimizing the brain function is a must if you wish to maximize your full potential. Here are the simple ways to increase your brain function.

1. Running


The first simple way to increase your brain function on the list is, running. The scientists are said that people who undergoing many kind of physical exercises might have better function of brain. According from the Salk Institute shows that running mice on the wheel are experiencing growth of cells twice in the memory and learning. It means that doing a simple exercise like running can help you to increase the brain function. Do your desired exercise. Running while listening to your favorite songs on the music player along with your friends is the best and easy way to increase your brain function.

2. Trying Something New

Trying Something New

The neurobiology experts from the Duke University said that find new way in thinking and trying something new can also increasing the inactive part of your brain. You can try something new, anything that out of the box. For example, you can go to your office by taking another route and cooking another dish. Travelling to the other places and make a work of arts are also the suitable ways to increase your brain performance.

3. Be Critical

Be Critical

If you want to increase your brain performance, you need to be more curious all the time. Ask to yourself and other people around you. Ask them any things. You can start your question with “Why?” at least 10 times a day. With this simple method, your brain will trained and a lot of solutions will appear in your life.

4. Laugh a Lot

Laugh a Lot

According from the result of science, laughing is good for our health. Laughing can help you to reduce the stress level and mental pressure. Laughing is also known to increasing your brain performance by releasing the dopamine substance inside your head. So, laughing is not prohibited isn’t it?

4. Fish Lovers

Fish Lovers

The next simple tip to increase your brain performance is, you can try to add fish into your daily diet. The amount of omega-3 inside fish has been recognized as a healthy food for our heart. According from the recent experiment, omega 3 is not only good for our heart but also for our brain performance. It can help you to smoothen the oxygen circulation inside our head and increasing the membrane function. People who consume fish or omega 3 could have better intelligence and mental. They are also resistant to depression. You can get the benefit of omega 3 from fishes such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines. For a better result, you can eat the, 3 times a week.

5. Open Up Your Memory

Open Up Your Memory

Your brain is a remarkable memory machine and looking back at your old photo album or school year book can refresh your mind and sharpen your brain so it will not get rusted.

6. Reduce the Fat


The specific amount of fat could reduce the blood stream that carrying the oxygen into your brain. This fat is also blocking the metabolism process of glucose which is the food for your brain. You can get around 30% of fat for your daily needs and stay away from fat contained foods.

7. Playing Puzzle

Playing Puzzle

Entertain your brain by playing puzzle in your spare time. Any kinds of puzzle are the best way to train your brain and maintain its condition. It doesn’t matter if you want to play crossword puzzle, jigsaw, scrabble or logical games. I believe that this tip is the easiest on the list isn’t it?

8. Stay Away From Alcohol

Alcoholic Drink

The overconsumption of alcohol is not only destroying your brain but also prevent the regeneration process. According from the research result in Japan, a man who drinks regularly for once a day will suffer from the brain damage rather than for those who doesn’t. So you better reduce your drink habit and feel the benefit inside your brain.

9. Enhance Your Skills

reading a book

Some of the repeated mental stimulation is actually good for improving the performance of our brain. As long as you keep practicing and enhancing your basic knowledge skills, then you will realize that your brain performance is better than before. For example, you can do gardening, sewing, reading and don’t be hesitating to take it to the next level.

10. Diet Pattern


Most of you might depend on food supplement to increase your brain performance. However, food supplement that available at the store can only supporting and not increasing the performance of your brain. Your diet pattern is really determining the performance of your brain. So, a healthy lifestyle is really needed to increase your body performance.

11. Enough Rest

Never Skip (Quality) Sleep

Enough rest is really important especially for your brain. Over thinking of something for a period of time will drain your energy and cause your mental are exhausted as well. Take a short break from your hard mental activities such as learning or business plan at least for 30 minutes. You will be shocked with the better outcome after you take a short break.  Our brain will memorize clearly in the beginning and at the end of our works.

12. Reduce the Sugar


Too much sugar will give you a quick jolt of energy for a short term. But in a long term, will make you lethargic. In the end, it will block any kind of your activities, mentally and physically. So, from now on, reduce the consumption of sugar for your own healthiness and brain performance.

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