12 Foods that Help Prevent High Cholesterol

High amount of cholesterol caused by the saturated fat and the source can be easily found in the animal protein food products such as meat, butter, cream, cheese and milk. Saturated fat can also found from coconut milk and coconut oil. Cholesterol which is produces inside the lever can be increased because unhealthy life style. There are two kinds of cholesterol that you need to know, first is LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). The excessive number of this cholesterol will make plaques in your blood vessels and blocking the blood stream. And the second is HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) which is the good cholesterol to converting the diluted vitamins inside your fat. If you feel several symptoms of high cholesterol, you better undergo a blood test as you can see the result. If your cholesterol is raised, you need to take a medication immediately to stabilize your blood. So what is the best way to lower your cholesterol rate? Well, I will provide you with the lists of foods to reduce your cholesterol rate and of course it’s safe and healthy. Here they are. Enjoy!

1. Apple


Apple is the abundant source of fibers. Your body will be healthier only if you eat this fruit in your daily basis. So you don’t have to pay a visit in hospitals. The amount of fibers inside an apple can lower your cholesterol rate, prevent the stiffening of your arteries and protect your body from the risk of stroke and heart attack.

2. Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar

According from The American Diabetes Association stated that apple vinegar can be used for increasing the insulin sensitivity of the type 2 diabetic patients. Based on the continuous experiments, daily consumption of apple vinegar showing the reduction of LDL and increased HDL. According from the American Diabetes Association, the essence of apple vinegar contains low calories so it will help you to reduce the cholesterol rate.

3. Avocado


Avocado is a green fruit and usually makes for a healthy juice. You can get oleat acid and unsaturated fat inside this fruit. So, consuming avocado will help you to reduce the cholesterol rate. If you have a spare time, spend it with enjoying a glass of avocado juice. It’s relaxing and healthy as well.

4. Wheat


Wheat is the nutritious cereal and it’s already known as the lower cholesterol foods, blood triglycerides and controlling the blood rate inside your body. Glucose is related with diabetic diseases. A research shows that the bad effect from high cholesterol can be minimized with beta-glucan. You can find this useful fiber inside wheat. About 4-10% of cholesterol rate can be reduced with the help of this fiber. You can find these on wheat processed food products like pasta and bread.

5. Beans


The kind of beans is enriched with food fibers which have the ability to reduce the cholesterol and prevent the raise of glucose rate rapidly after you finished your food. You can drink beans juice at least ¾ cup per day. Your LDL, triglyceride and cholesterol will reduce. Beans is considered as the low fat vegetables (contains double unsaturated fat). Beans are also the source of carbohydrate which is needed by the diabetic patients or person with insulin resistance.

6. Red Rice

Red Rice

Red rice is quite hard to find especially nowadays. Usually red rice is looked by the people who want to lose their weight. Red rice can also being used as the food for supporting weight gaining program. Red rice can also help you to reduce your glucose rate. Nutrition from red rice can also give you with the abundant resource of selenium, vitamin B phytonutrien and magnesium.

7. Celery


Part of the celery contains a high amount of antioxidant. This antioxidant can help you to reduce the risk of heart attack with prevent the LDL oxidation. You can add this green vegetable inside your soup, stew, stir fry and so on. You can also drink this green vegetable as a healthy juice.

8. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is one of the jewels in your seasoning box. These spices can be used as cooking ingredients or you can also make as your dessert ingredients. Cinnamons also clinically proved to reduce your glucose rate, LDL, and triglyceride. Cinnamon can also help you to reduce the cholesterol rate significantly especially for type 2 diabetic person. You just need to add them for a half teaspoon onside a cup of green tea or your any kind of foods and feel the benefits of cinnamon.

9. Coriander Seed

Corriander Seed

The other jewels in your seasoning box. Coriander seeds can also help you to reduce the amount of cholesterol inside your body. The instruction is easy. You just need to boil it. A two spoon of coriander seeds and a glass of water is needed for this recipe. You can drink it after it’s cool. You can drink it twice a day and feel the benefits of coriander seeds.

10. Tuna


Tuna is categorized with greasy fish related with salmon, mackerel and sardines. This fish will be your source of protein and omega 3 which is scientifically proved can reduce the triglyceride rate for 25-30%, increase the amount of HDL, and reducing the risk of heart attack by stabilizes it. The American Heart Association is recommend the patients to eat two portions of tuna every week. The grilled and steamed cooking process can give you the maximum benefits not to fry it.

11. Salmon


Just like tuna, salmon is the sources of protein and omega 3. You can also eat this fish for twice a week. Your body will get the benefit of omega 3 which can help you to reduce the blood pressure and LDL, at the same time, HDL production is also increased.

12. Rich in Fiber Fruits


There are lot of fruits which are enriched with fibers such as apple, pear, orange and blueberries. These fruits have been proved can reduce your cholesterol rate inside your blood due to its fibers content. If you want to get the maximum benefit, you can eat the fruit along with its skins.

Well that is the list of foods that will lower your cholesterol rate. I hope it will help you out and see you again in the other articles. Stay healthy everyone!

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