12 Easy Treatments To Cure Headache Without Taking Medicines

Headache is a common disease that attacking almost everyone in the world. This disease can be caused by many factors such as stress, bad diet program, too much caffeine, dehydration and so on. Although it seems a common health problem, headache will disturb the whole activities that you do. Sometimes, headache is the signal that has been transmitted by our body as the indication of several health problems. Many kind of medicines has been invented to solve this problem. But, I’m not recommended that because the medicines are contained with artificial material that is really dangerous for us if it consumed periodically. In this article, I will provide you with the list of foods that useful to remove your headache so can say goodbye to the medicines forever.

1. Mineral Water


The main factor of headache is usually dehydration. Dehydration is a health problem caused by lack of water inside our body. In order to fulfill the need of water inside your body, you can drink a glass of mineral water. You can avoid or at least reduce the consumption of coffee or tea. Caffeine inside these beverages can drain the liquid inside your body so it will give you enough time to torture your head.

2. Head Massage

head massage

The second way to relieve the headache without using medicine is, you can do head massage. If the headache is attacking you, you can give your head a firm massage for 10 to 15 second, rest for a while and repeat this easy method until the headache is really gone. By doing this simple method, the tense in your head muscle can be reduced and the blood circulation will be smoothen so that is why, no need to take a medicine right? There is an easy way to solve your problem before you take the medicine.

3. Diet Pattern

Pay Attention to Your Diet

The third easy treatment to remove the headache without taking a medicine is going back to the basic thing, your diet pattern. A healthy and balance diet pattern is something that you need to give more attention so you don’t get a headache. Irregular and unbalance meal time will make your body is losing its energy. A sufficient amount of glucose is needed for giving the energy to our brain. When your body is lack of glucose, you will suffer a disease called hypoglycemia lead to a headache. Therefore, you need to normalize your meal time and fulfilling the daily needs of nutrition so you will not suffer from this disease.

4. Enough Sleeping

Never Skip (Quality) Sleep

The fourth easy method to remove your headache is, you need to get enough time of sleep. Enough time of sleep and correct position of sleep are needed so you are not affected by disturbing headache. When someone is lack of sleep, she/he will suffer from tiredness and lead to a severe headache.

5. Rest for a While

rest for a while

If you ever felt so tired during your daily activities, it’s okay to rest for a while. The best way to rest for a while is, close your eyes and release the entire burden in your mind and slowly massage your back, shoulder and neck until your headache is gone. You can also do a little exercise by stand up from your chair and move your body a little bit. This is also a good and simple way to ease the headache pain.

6. Warm Bathing

warm bathing

The sixth easy method to remove the headache is, you can take a bath using warm water. This simple treatment can relax your muscles especially on the neck and your head. By doing this simple treatment, your blood circulation will be smoothening and your headache is slowly disappearing.

7. Fresh Air

fresh air

The next simple treatment for your headache problem is probably the easiest and the cheapest of any treatment on the list. To do this simple method, you can try to woke up early and take a fresh air in the morning. This method is really effective to relieve the headache. Therefore, you just need to take a deep breath when you feel dizzy. However, due to the increased pollution on this current era, it looks like you need to go to the mountain or highland to get fresh air.

8. Potato


As it’s already mentioned on the previous point, dehydration is one of the main causes of headache. This disturbing disease is also caused by lack of calium. Therefore, we need to consume food which is abundant with calium. You can get the amount of calium inside potato. To get the maximum benefit of potato, you better burn it first along with the skin or you can also boil them. Frying the potato is not recommended since it will absorb the oil and the potato will become a dangerous food to eat.

9. Banana


Banana is the next easy way to remove headache on the list. As we can see, banana is abundant with nutritional benefits. Banana is rich with potassium and magnesium which can help you to reduce the pain of headache. Therefore, you can take a banana whenever you felt your head is hurt. I think this the reason whit the monkeys looks so happy all the time. Ouch, not to mention it, don’t take it seriously.

10. Ice Cube

ice cube

Well, I believe that this name is really familiar. But, we are not going to discuss it. You can also use it to remove the headache. The instruction is easy. You just need to rub your head slowly with the ice. The ice effect will make your head is numb so it will reduce the pain of headache.

11. Mint Leaves


The following tip is really useful for those who have stomach problem due to the late time of meal. The best way to relieve this problem is, you can start to consume mint based products such as peppermint tea or eating food contained with peppermint.

12. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

The amount of vitamin E inside sesame seeds can also help you to reduce the headache. Sesame seed can stabilize the estrogen hormone inside your body. Sesame seeds are also rich in magnesium and it’s really effective to ward of the headache.

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