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Orchid or Orchideae in latin words are one of the most popular flowers around the world. Brazil has the most various kinds of orchids and Indonesia has 5000-6000 species of orchid, most of them are endemic. In early 2010 LIPI has found several new species of orchid in Borneo, the name of the new species are Dendrobium kelamense D.Metusala, P.O Byrne and J.J Wood. After the new species has been found, it enrich Indonesia as one of the largest Orchid source in the world, of course this is good news to us. Most of the popular species of orchid are Dendrobium, cymbidium, phalaenopsis, vanda and oncidium, the reason why they are popular because they are easy to plant. Is that the only easy to plant species? How about the other species? Do not worry, because we will give you the easy ways to growing orchid.

1. Pot Growing

Usually a new pot is used to this but if you don’t have a new pot, then the old one is fine but you need to clean it up first from moss, bactery and fungus.The pot selection is an important aspect according from its species, for example is vanda, it need a big and lot of air cavity.

For plastic pot, you better make a hole on the bottom and side of the pot for smoother drainage. An orchid usually need approximately 18-24 month

2. Growing Pillar

It is better to make a pillar from wires with the diameter from 2-4 mm. Cut the wire first and then put it around the orchid. It can stabilize the orchid when watering so the roots will not moving. You can put off the wires when the roots are strong enough to hold the body.

3. Growing Media

To grow orchid, it need a combination of charcoal, bricks and coconut fibre. This is a solid combination for pot growing orchid. Those combinations can tie up the roots inside the pot.

4. Attached Growing

This attached growing is the easiest method of orchid growing; it does not required a growing media, first thing to do is, pick an orchid with medium stem. Put it on fern board, and that will be the growing media, in order to make a strong attachment  tied it up with u-shape rope.

5. Orchid Position

Put your orchid in natural sunlight, make sure it is not a direct sunlight; otherwise, it will burn the leaves, if you decide to put your orchid inside your house you can buy a lamp in order to fulfilling the need of light.

6. Do Not Overwatering

Orchid natural habit is on the tropical moist area so keep your orchid in a moist condition; do not over watering to maintaining the roots in a good condition. Orchids need moisture water, so you need to water it, but please keep in mind, not to overwatering it.

7. Pot Selection

Grow your orchid in a small pot; the small and delicate orchid roots need a smaller pot to grow, for several species of orchid it need to change the pot regularly. When the times is enough, move your orchid to a bigger pot to maximizing the growth.

8. Hydrophonic

For a hydrophonic growing use an aggregate, it is a special method in order to keep the fully nutrition of water inside the pot.

9. Special Fertilizer

Use a special fertilizer for orchid; you can ask the storekeeper which one is the best fertilizer for your orchid collection. There are two kind of fertilizer, organic and non-organic, for organic fertilizer; there are liquid and non-liquid fertilizers.

10. Temperature

Another important aspect of growing orchid, it is because orchids need a special treatment to grow, usually they need a cold and warm temperature to grow based on their needs.

11. Light

Orchid can grow into their maximum in the best light situation. Just put your orchid pot facing to the south, or where the sunlight comes near your window. Or place a little lamp if you grow your orchid inside your house.

12. Choose your suitable Orchid

Well this is the most important thing of the whole article, you can choose your own fertilizer, you can choose your favorite pot but first of all you have to choose your favorite orchid, considering from the growth potential and your house condition.

Most of us didn’t realized that we have forgot the small detail in terms of growing orchid, the most important keys are, to choose the right fertilizer, pot, and growth media, a special treatment involving watering fertilizing and enough sunlight will have an incredible effect for your orchid, if you have difficulties in term of growth media selection, there are ready to grow pot available at flower shop nearby your house. We hope that this article can be your solution in your growing orchid process. Happy growing everyone.

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