12 Beautiful And Inspiring Princesses Around The World You Got To Know

Being a beautiful princess on a huge castle is definitely the most popular dream of every woman in the world especially during their childhood. As we can see, there are many kingdoms in this world and where there is a prince, so does the princess. A prince or princess is the heirs of their kingdom. They are gifted with the beautiful faces as they are also charming as well. Most of the princesses are always existed in the fairy tales or animation films. The following queens and princesses are not only beautiful but they are also inspiring persons as well. So, here is the list of real life beautiful princesses presented just for you. Are you ready to see them all?

1. Queen Rania – Jordanian

Queen Rania

The first inspiring queen on the list is Queen Rania from Jordanian. She is the most beautiful queen in the world. Queen Rania is the wife of King Abdullah II. They met for the first time in January 1993 on a fancy dinner banquet and they announced their engagement two months later. On June 10, 1993 they are officially married. Queen Rania is known as a generous woman and doing a lot of charity events. She is also the factor of advance education quality on every Jordanian child. Queen Rania is one of the examples of queen that we can take a good example based on her action and what she has done.

2. Princess Masako – Japan

Princess Masako

The second beautiful princess on the list is coming from Japan. Please welcome to Princess Masako. She is the oldest daughter from Hisashi Owada, a former president of International Court. She is married with the Crown Prince of Japan, Prince Naruhito on a traditional wedding ceremony in June, 9 1993. On December 1 2001, Princess Masako give birth a daughter named Princess Aiko. Such a happy couple we have here.

3. Princess Kate Middleton – England

Princess Kate Middleton

The third beautiful princess on the list is probably the most popular woman in the world. Please, make a way for Kate Middleton. She was born on January 9, 1982 and she has been officially become the Royal Member of British Kingdom. His husband, Prince William is also the most famous prince in the world. Both of them has been the most popular couple in the world and their daily activities has been become the most wanted news in every kind of media around the world.

4. Princess Madeleine Josephine- Sweden

Princess Madeleine Josephine

The fourth beautiful princess on the list is Princess Madeleine Josephine from Sweden. She is the youngest daughter from King Carl XVI and Queen Silvia. Princess Madeleine Josephine is the third list of the heirs. She is staying in New York for now.

5. Princess Charlotte Casiraghi – Monaco

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi

The next beautiful princess on the list is Princess Charlotte Marie Pomelline Casiraghi. She is also known as Princess Charlotte from Monaco. She is the granddaughter of the Mediterranean Kingdom, Prince Ranier III and the Hollywood legendary actress, Grace Kelly. As the fourth line on the throne of Monaco, Princess Charlotte has everything like a beautiful face, fame and abundant fortune.

6. Queen Mary – Denmark

Queen Mary

The next beautiful princess on the list is coming from Denmark. Let’s meet with Queen Mary. She is the wife of Prince Frederic, The Crown Prince of Denmark. They met for the first time when Mary visiting Australia to watch Olympic event in 2000. They are married in 2004. The married itself are published worldwide. The media describing this couple as the real example of modern fairy tales.

7. Queen Leticia Ortiz – Spain

Queen Leticia Ortiz

Leticia Ortiz is the wife of King Felipe VI which is succeeding his father, King Juan Carlos I. Princess Leticia is a former news anchor and working on Bloomberg. After she married with King Felipe in May, 22, 2004, they have two beautiful daughters named Leonor and Sofia.

8. Princess Zara Anne – England

Princess Zara Anne

The next beautiful princess on the list is Princess Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips also known as Zara Phillips. She is the second and also the first daughter of Princess Anne, a single daughter from Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Zara Anne is known to be a famous equestrian athlete from the Great Britain. Princess Zara Anne also won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2006.

9. Princess Theodora – Greece and Denmark

Princess Theodora

The next beautiful princess on the list is Princess Theodora. She is the daughter of former King of Greece named King Constantine II and Anne Marie of Denmark. Although the kingdom of Greece is no longer exist but Princess Theodora is still holding the title of Her Royal Highness Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark. She is pursuing her dream as an actress and it’s realized on her first debut  soap opera entitled with “The Bold and The Beautiful”.

10. Princess Alexandra – Luxembourg

Princess Alexandra

Princess Alexandra is the next beautiful princess in the world. She is the only daughter from Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. She has been growing under the spotlight since she was a child. Princess Alexandra like to doing sports like tennis, swimming and skiing. Now, we have an athlete princess here.

11. Princess Lalla Salma – Morocco

Princess Lalla Salma

Princess Lalla Salma is the next beautiful princess in the world. As the First Lady of Moroccan Kingdom, she is also entitled as “The Beauty of Morocco”. Princess Lalla Salma is the wife of King Mohammed IV from Morocco. Born in May 10 1978, everybody especially the people of Morocco must be agree that she has a beautiful face and very smooth skin. Although she has already become a prince and gifted with so many fortunes but Princess Lalla Salma is known as a humble and generous woman. Now that is the real princess.

12. Queen Maxima – Netherland

Queen Maxima

The next beautiful queen on the list is Queen Maxima. As the wife of King Willem Alexander, she has took the status of Queen as her mother in law, Queen Beatrix has step down the throne. They are married in 2002. Queen Maxima Zorregueita is actually an Argentinean. Although she is coming from the other country, she could manage to win the heart of Dutch people with her charm and smile. Queen Maxima is also known as an easy woman to adapt with the Dutch language and cultures.


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