12 Animals With The Strangest Habit Of Sleeping

Sleep, is an activity needed to recharge our energy. Human need around 8 hours to fully recovered from fatigue. Lack of sleep can bring you in an uncomfortable situation such as easy to tired, hard to concentrate, and many more. Lack of sleep can also bring you serious sleeping disorder like insomnia. Bad quality of sleep can also make you doing unusual habit and you will felt sleepy all the time and the worst part of it, you just can’t sleep although you are so tired. So, from now on, you need to have a sufficient time of sleep so you don’t get various sleeping disorders. If you have already found the perfect method for your problem, then I should congratulate you, but, if you have wondering if the animals are having the same problem like you, then this article must be catching your attention. Here are the unique facts about the way of sleeping animals. Check this out!

1. Cat


The first unique fact on the list is coming from the internet star. Yes, it’s a cat. This animal can sleep around 13 to 14 hours a day and the best part of it, they can do it every day. As the result, most of the cats are awake during the night. This unusual habit of sleeping is also applied for the family of big cats such as lion and tiger. These cats are also popular as nocturnal hunters. Well, I think that you don’t have to be so envious with cats now.

2. Desert Slug


The second interesting fact is coming from the driest place on earth, the desert. Although it’s already famous as the driest place in the world, the desert is still gifted with so many kind of flora and fauna. If we are mentioning each one of them, a single article is never enough so I’m going to mention only one of it, a desert slug. This slow moving creature is the expert of sleeping. If you think the sleeping duration of cat is long enough, you got to be reconsidering it again. A desert slug could sleep for three years straight without woken up! This sleeping duration is even beating the hibernation time of bear during the winter. I hope that this slug is still remembered in how to catch their breath.

3. Dolphin

Bottlenosed Dolphin

The third animal is dolphin. A dolphin could swim with their half brain is sleeping. They are also have the non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which have the same function as when the human is sleeping. The dolphin is still capable to swim while the other eye is closed. Although some of us can also do this but I’m not recommend it especially when you are driving on a highway or road, unless you and your car or vehicle is insured.

4. Horse

Arabian Horse

The fourth entry on the list is horse. A horse can sleep while they are standing. However, they couldn’t experience the Rapid Eye Movement or REM so they couldn’t sleep well in this kind of position. However, they could have a good quality of sleep only when they are lying down on the ground.

5. Giraffe


A giraffe is the next entry on the list. This herbivore creature can be located in the African savanna. A giraffe has a unique ability to hold their drowsiness. They could stay awake without sleeping for weeks. This unique ability is really useful especially when they are keeping their safety toward the predators nearby.

6. Platypus


The next animal is platypus. This amazing animal is the endemic fauna in Australia. They also have a unique way to sleep in nature. A platypus can do the same motion as they are looking for prey during their sleeping time. The scientists are believed that this behavior is useful to cover up themselves so their predators thought that they are still awake.

7. African Baboon


The next animal on the list is the African baboon. These primates are known to have a strange habit of sleeping. The African baboon can sleep in the top of the trees without laying down on it. They can sleep while sitting and holding on the trees. Of course this strange habit is meant to avoid from their natural predators such as jaguar, lion and crocodile.

8. Bat


Who doesn’t know about this winged creature? I believe that if I mention the name of this animal, your mind will directly saying a name of caped crusader called Batman. Yes it is, it’s a bat. As we can see that this creature can sleeping with their head is facing down the ground. This weird position of sleeping is useful so they can smell the danger of their predator and they can immediately fleeing.

9. Albatross


The ninth entry on the list is the albatross. Albatross is known to be a bird with the farthest route of migration. This majestic bird is also one of the animals with the strangest habit of sleeping. They don’t need to rest on their nest since they can sleep while they are flying. Wow! I mean, how can they do that?

10. Ant

Carnivorous Ants

This little creature is the tenth entry on the list. I believe that most of people are thought that this animal is never sleep. In fact, the worker ants could sleep around 253 times a day. How come they do that? This strange behavior is possibly happen because the worker ants only need around 1,1 minutes for one time of sleeping.

11. Giant Armadillo


Armadillo could sleep around 18-19 hours a day. This nocturnal animal will hunt their prey at night and spend the rest of the day to sleeping. The scientists are still trying to find the answer in why this animal is really loves to sleep. This solitary creature will hunt for ants, termites and the other small creatures.

12. Koala

Home for Each Koala

Koala is a native animal from Australia. This animal could sleep for 22 hours a day. When they are awake, they will maximize their time to eat and this quality time could last for two hours.

That is the 12 animals with the strangest habit of sleeping. I hope that this article can inspire you to be more aware with the surrounding animals nearby.


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