12 Amazing Variation Of Noodles Around The World That You Need To Try Each One Of Them

What’s on your mind when the rain is coming or when the temperature is cold? Of course you want to go inside your house and warm up yourself right? Eating hot and gravy foods is also the best way to fight the cold weather. Talking about hot and gravy food, there are many kind of examples from them. And now, I will give mention a name of food which is the favorite dish and it’s already existed for more than centuries ago. Yes, it’s noodle everyone. With their rich flavor and various kinds of toppings, noodle has been known as one of the most enjoyable foods in the world. So, do you want to eye-tasting all of them? Alright, here are the noodles around the world.

1. Spatzle


The first noodle on the list is Spatzel. This food is coming from Germany. Spatzel has unique taste and delicious also. This dish is usually served with meat. To give the delicious flavor and aroma, sprinkled onion will be added above Spatzle.

2. Ramen


I believe that most of people thought that this noodle is coming from Japan, but the truth is not like that. Ramen noodle is originated from China. The Chinese ramen need the water from Kan Lake in China. The ingredients of ramen noodle are consisting of flour, salt and water. Japanese ramen noodle has chewy texture and the color is pale yellow. Ramen noodle is usually sold everywhere in Japan and it shouldn’t be difficult to locate them all. Got interested?

3. Jajangmyeon


The third entry on the list is coming from South Korea. The foods from this country are not only about bibimbap, kimchi and bulgogi but also jajangmyeon. Jajangmyeon is the signature dish from South Korea. The color of this noodle is usually dark which coming from the black soya bean as the main ingredient along with the other seasonings. This noodle is also use a special sauce which is consist of vegetables and minced beef or pork. The usage of broth also enriched the savory flavor of the sauce itself.

4. Egg Noodle

Egg Noodle

This noodle is usually used for Indonesian cuisine. Egg noodle is made from flour and of course egg as the ingredients. This noodle can be used for any kind of noodle based cuisines. As it suitable for fried noodle, egg noodle can also be boiled as well. This egg noodle is not only popular in Indonesia but also from its original place, China.

5. Hokkien


Hokkien is the next popular noodle in the world. This noodle is originally comes from Tiongkok and usually made from egg. This noodle is usually available in wet condition with a medium size. Hokkien noodle is suitable to make as the signature dish fro, Tiongkok and Thailand.

6. Pho


The next entry on the list is Pho. This noodle can be easily located in Vietnam. In the original country, pho is usually served and enjoyed as a breakfast dish. However, you don’t have to wait for the morning to enjoy this noodle as you it be enjoyed anytime. Pho is a little bit different from the other noodle on the list because it uses rice flour as the main ingredient. Pho is usually boiled in a savory broth. Meatball and sliced beef are usually used as the topping of this delicious noodle.

7. Soba


Getting full already? Wait, don’t close your tab yet because we still have more noodles to eye-tasting. The next delicious noodle is Soba. This noodle is still coming from Japan. The shape of soba is usually straight and the color is white. The main ingredient of soba is wheat flour. Soba is usually served along with a bowl of soup or served cold with a dip of delicious sauce. Soba is another signature noodle from Japan and you need to try it as one of the destinations of your culinary adventure.

8. Cellophane Noodle

Cellophane Noodle

Cellophane noodle is made from the mixed potato and mung bean flour. The texture of this noodle is very soft and it’s very suitable for soup, fried or as the pastel filling. This noodle is commonly sold in dried form and it’s easy to be prepared. You just need to boil it in a hot water until it’s tender enough and the cellophane noodle is ready to be cooked for any kind of your dishes.

9. Pad Thai

Pad Thai

The next famous noodle is coming from Thailand. Meet the Pad Thai. This is the favorite noodle in this country. Pad Thai is a fried noodle and it’s a popular also as the most favorite street food in Thailand. If you ever go in here, you need to try this noodle and don’t worry, you can find it anywhere in Thailand.

10. Rice Vermicelli

Rice Vermicelli

Rice vermicelli is also popular noodle in Indonesia. The ingredient of rice vermicelli is rice flour. The color of rice vermicelli is white and the texture is really soft. Just like the cellophane noodle, rice vermicelli is also easy to cook. You just need to boil it on a hot water and this noodle is ready to be served with any kind of toppings. Rice Vermicelli is not only popular in Indonesia but also in Vietnam, Thailand and China.

11. Rice Stick Noodle


Rice stick noodle is usually called as kwetiaw. The shape of this noodle is long and thin. The color of rice stick noodle is clear white and it’s made from rice flour. You can find this noodle in dry and wet form. Rice stick noodle is suitable to cook as fried and boiled. This noodle is not only used in China but also in Thailand dishes as well.

12. Udon


Although it’s originated from China but Japan has been modified noodle into many kind of variations and udon is one of the examples. This Japanese noodle have a certain thickness around 4-6 mm. The main ingredient of udon is usually made from flour but wheat flour is also used for making tasty udon. The unique fact from udon is, it can be served not only hot but also can be served in cold. Well, how about it? Do you want to try it?

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