11 World’s Most Peaceful Countries You Have To Know

With so many conflicts of weapon in the world, many foreign and domestic tourists are reconsidering their plan to visit the designated countries. The good news is, there are countries that achieving the status as the most peaceful countries in the world. The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) which is located in Australia has released a list called The Global Peace Index. This list is contained with the most peaceful countries in the world. There are 162 countries that are listed in here based on many sources from the World Bank and several organizations from European Union. According from The Global Peace Index, peace is based on 22 indicators. Well, you will about to see the most peaceful countries in this article. Most of these countries can be your option to put in your traveling destinations.

1. Iceland


Iceland is the first country on the list. Beside on their stunning natural scenery, Iceland is also having a remarkable achievement. The people of Iceland are counted for 300.000. All of them are having no problem in reading. This educated population also has a good tolerance to the minorities. The number of murder cases in Iceland is 1,8 per 100.000 of population. The murder cases in here is low to be compared with the murder cases in the United States of America which is counted for 5,8 per 100.000 of population every year.

2. Denmark


Our next destination to find the most peaceful countries in the world has brought us to Denmark. Although the tax in Denmark is quite high, but it’s being used to make public facilities in order to make the people of Denmark can live well and organized. The numbers of the Danish workers motivation are also high since the government of Denmark has issuing a welfare system which can make the other countries feel envious. With these facts, the people of Denmark are considered as the happiest people in the world.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand

Our next peaceful country is New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the lowest polluted countries in the world. 90% of the immigrants in New Zealand will definitely recommend this country to their family and friends to live in here. The people of New Zealand are often got holidays so they have more times to enjoying the beautiful scenery and sport facilities in here. So, what do you think? Do you want to spend your holiday or you will move in here also?

4. Switzerland


For your information, the economy of Switzerland is considered as the steadiest in the world with their lowest rate of inflation. Switzerland is open for immigrants and this country is also guarantying the religion freedom for every people in here. The other reasons why the people of Switzerland are happy and healthy is, the government of Switzerland is providing many facilities such as education, occupation and health services. All of them are well maintained by the government of Switzerland.

5. Japan


Our next entry of the peaceful countries in the world is Japan. The most interesting fact about Japan is, the culture and technology in here are completing each other so it will not make a cultural chaos. Although some of the people said that the Japanese people are known as tough people but in the reality, they can built a high tech and peaceful country in a short period of time together. What a remarkable achievement from this country!

6. Finland


Our next peaceful country is Finland. The number of corruption and the social differentiation are low while the gender equality is very high in here. Finland is also considered as a country with the best practical education in the world. The children in Finland are also lived on a cold breeze but healthy in here. The numbers of children of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) are also low. So, if you don’t mind with the cool breeze of Finland, I believe that you want to stay in here for a longer time.

7. Belgium


Belgium is the paradise especially for chocolate and beer lovers. Belgium is also decorated with so many well preserved antique buildings, museums and old cities. Belgium is also closed with Amsterdam, London and Paris so it will make your European journey becomes easier. You only need 70 minutes to visit these three countries. Isn’t it wonderful and worth to try, right?

8. Norway


Norway is our next peaceful country on the list. While the number of prisons in this country is low the number of welfare and happiness level from this country are very high. Norway has a national law called Allemansretten. This law is guaranteed the freedom to enjoy the natural sceneries for the people of Norway. Norway is the best country especially for the natural lovers.

9. Slovenia


Slovenia is the next peaceful country on the list. According from UNICEF, Slovenia has higher score than England as the friendliest country for children. Slovenia has a beautiful village and signature dishes which are influenced with the Italian tradition and the other neighborhood countries. There are approximately 1000 of prisoners from the total of 2 million people of Slovenia. So what do you think? Do you want to take your family in here?

10. Germany


Yes, our next stop is Germany. Germany is one of the countries who are preserving the history, arts, and music as the tradition of the country. The life standard in Germany is high and the organization of society in here can run smoothly. The natural scenery, traditional market and tourism cities will take your imagination into the land of fairy tales. So, are you ready to fly your imagination?

11. Portugal


Portugal is our next destination to find the most peaceful country. This country is a paradise especially for golfers because Portugal is the place of many world class golf courses. The warm climate in Portugal is also supporting the development of their tourism sector. The criminal rate in this country is low and the life rhythm is really relaxed. So, this country is very suitable for those who want to spend their retirement time. Don’t you agree with me?

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