11 Kinds Of Junk Foods That You Never Realized It’s Hiding Dangerous Things

Junk food or fast food refers to quick served food. We don’t have to spend too much time for waiting our foods to be served. In the modern era, consuming junk food has becomes the tradition of urban society. Especially for those who have rapid activity.  Consuming junk food is the solution for those who have no much time to eat. Many researchers have been conducted and the result has been proved through their experiments that over consuming junk food are not good for our health. Although the result of the research has been already published and shared, but still no positive response from the people. Junk foods are still the favorite foods in their daily routine. According to WHO, periodic consumption of junk food will lead to many health problems. Here are the lists of junk food which can trigger the growth of cancer and other dangerous diseases.

1. French Fries

french fries

According to the history, French fries were being invented since the centuries ago. But the over consumption of this fast food will bring bad impacts for your health. Anything that fried with vegetable oil is not good. The reason why any kind of fried foods is not good for us is, it will doubled the amount of unsaturated fat which produces free radical lead to the growth of cancer inside your body.

2. Hot Dog

hot dog

Who doesn’t like this food? Hot dog is bread with delicious sausages combined with ketchup, tomato sauce, and mayonnaise. It’s a delicious treat in every day. You can eat hot dog anytime you want. But, what if I told you that consuming hot dog continuously will bring bad effect? Hot Dog is directly related with the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart attack. The real danger is not coming from the usage of the meat itself. Hot Dog is the kind of junk food with the highest content of natrium and artificial preservatives. If your desire of eating this food is unbearable, you can choose the organic ones with the lowest amount of sodium and fat.

3. Donuts


Donut is our next list of dangerous junk foods. Plain donut contains less calories and it will not harm you. But, as the following result of donut’s taste invention, there are lot of donut’s taste and usually contains lots of sugar. You need to know that you will not found any kind of nutrition inside a donut. The consumptions of donuts with high amount of sugar are harmless for you. But, in reality, one donut is never enough. Average consumption per individual is usually two or three donuts. So, you already know now that donut is categorized as junk food also.

4. Bacon


Bacon is basically salted meat. The usage of the meat is also vary according from the bacon’s producing countries usually served along with egg, sausages, and bread as the tastiest experience of breakfast. Bacon is high in natrium. Three slices of bacon can give you the highest content of sodium. So, you may start to reduce the consumption of bacon right now.

5. Potato Chips

potato chips

Potato chips are more dangerous for our health. Especially on the periodic consumption of it. Potato chips contains high amount of sodium, fat and artificial preservatives which is contributing you with their bad impacts for your health.

6. Ice Cream

ice cream

Ice cream is the delicious snack especially in the heat of summer time. Ice cream contains a high amount of calories and sugar. The sugar and calories inside an ice cream is the same amount as the sugar content inside a carbonated drink. This dangerous ice cream is even worse when it mixed with milk and turned into milkshake. Consuming milkshake, and you will get about 1000 calories.

7. Cheese Stick

cheese stick

Cheese is actually harmless for our health. But it will bring you problems if you mix it with bread crumbs and fry it into hot oil. It will add the highest amount of fat and sodium and it’s absolutely dangerous for our body. So, it will be better to consumed it as usual, not to fry it.

8. Hamburger

The First Hamburger

Our next lists of dangerous junk food are hamburger. This is the real deal of delicious junk food ever invented by human. This food is the source of everything bad impacts for your health. Hamburger usually consists of two hamburger buns, various kinds of meat patties, sliced lettuce, onion and tomato. Hamburger is available in everywhere especially in the fast food restaurants. Hamburger has been related with various kinds of serious health problems such as heart attack and obesity.

9. Fish Nugget

fish nugget

Fish nugget is the quick solution for breakfast. Fish nugget is usually given by the parents to their kids. It’s absolutely breaking the rules of healthiness. Fish nugget contains artificial preservatives which is dangerous if it’s given periodically to your kids. Fried fish nugget will give your kids double impact of harmless substances with the combination of artificial preservatives and bad unsaturated fat. Fresh fish is recommended to be given and consumed.

10. Pizza

Pizza Margheritta

Pizza is our next dangerous junk food. Pizza is flat bread and it has round in shape. You can add various kinds of meat, sausages, cheese and other food ingredients as the topping. Pizza is also contained with saturated fat and you will get about 600 of calories on each slice of pizza. So, you will get about, 2400 of calories in small size pizza, 3600 of calories on regular pizza, and 4800 of calories on large pizza. Which one of calories do you want to be added inside your body? The choice is yours.

11. Fried Chicken

fried chicken

Fried chicken is the most popular junk food in the world and it’s the most consumed food in the world. Fried chicken is made from chicken mixed with flour and fried in hot vegetable oil. The result is, golden crispy of fried chicken which is high in natrium. The combinations of those ingredients make it as the most dangerous junk food in our lists.

Junk foods can be your solution for saving time in your busy activity but you need to be aware that junk foods are not good for you. Now we are already arrived in the end of our meeting. I’ll see you again on the next chance. Stay healthy everyone.

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