11 Important Hiking Tools That You Shouldn’t Forget To Bring Them All

Inhaling fresh air, watching the trees and interact with wild animals are the things that you will see during your hiking. Hiking a mountain is an outdoor activity which is cannot be denied and it need a good preparations. A well preparation will make your hiking is more fun. Physical and mental preparations are also needed to be prepared before you hiking. Knowing the terrain is also important. Hiking is absolutely challenging outdoor activity especially for the beginner. There are many types of hiking tools available in the store and the beginner hikers are often confused with the selections of hiking tools. So, here are the important tools for hiking presented just for you.

1. Hiking Shoes

hiking shoesThe first important to wear on your hiking is the hiking shoes. You will walk a lot during your hiking process as it’s the main activity. Therefore, your feet must be well protected to minimize the chance of injuries caused by rocks or obstacles on the way of hiking. The first important thing before you choose hiking shoes is, make sure that the sole were made from rubber or synthetic especially on the heels. This sole will protect your feet and supporting your body movement during your journey.

2. Carrier Bag

bagCarrier bag is a perfect thing to carry every thing that you need during your hiking event. This bag will hold and balancing the weight which are carried in your shoulder. The heaviest weight will hold up by your strong backbone. Precise packing is the most important thing to do. Put the heaviest thing upside so your backbone and waist didn’t exposed by the total weight of your things. There are choices of carrier bag which can be chosen. The selection of carrier bags must be suitable with your needs, journey type and your body itself. The capacity of carrier bags are also comes in variation. For a long hiking, you can choose a carrier bag with a big capacity.

3. Tent

tentThe next important thing for hiking on the list is tent. It’s kind of impossible if you forget to bring a tent inside your carrier bag. This thing is very important to bring because it will be used to take a rest or spending the night in the outdoor area. Unless your hiking spot is close to hotels or inn, then you shouldn’t forget to put this thing in your carrier bag. There are many types of tent available in the store. However, you need to choose a tent with ventilations. A tent without ventilations will block the air circulation and triggering the moist temperature inside the tent.

4. Clothes

clothesThe fourth important thing to bring for your hiking adventure is clothes. Why the clothes are important? Here is the answer. Our body will produce a lot of sweat during the hiking. This is because the moist temperature on the mountain is very high. Therefore, our body is producing a lot of sweat to balancing our body temperature. So, the wrong selection of clothes could bring a disaster for you. Choose the clothes with parachute, cotton or wool material. You can also wear a cloth which can easier to dry. Wearing jeans is not recommended because the material is hard to dry and it will adding the weight of your body.

5. Cutlery

cutleryThe next important thing on the list is the cutlery. Cutlery is consisting of plate, glass, spoon, fork, knife nesting, and small paraffin stove. However, bringing cutlery is not recommended as it will make your bag heavier especially if you want to have a one day hiking. Bringing ready to eat foods is recommended for it.

6. Personal Medicines

drugsAs part of the emergency procedures, bringing personal medicines is a must. The personal medicines are consisting of plaster, alcohol, antiseptic, anti allergy, multivitamin, and medicines for special diseases. The main objective from bringing these personal medicines is one, to not use it at all. It means that our body is healthy enough to survive in the outdoor area.

7. Matches


The next important thing is matches. This is probably the smallest thing of all. A match is really useful to make a fire in the outdoor area. Of course you can cook with it. However, you need to be careful when you using it. Bury the fire remains with dirt to minimize the chance of burning forest.

8. Flashlight

flashlightFlashlight is really useful during the dark time. The light from your cell phone is not strong enough to illuminate the path in front of you so bringing a cell phone in your hiking process is less effective unless it’s used for asking help in state of emergency. However, there is a limit for the battery inside your flashlight. Therefore bringing spare batteries are also recommended.

9. Tracking Pole

tracking poleThis thing is optional. However, tracking pole is useful when we got a trouble on our feet. Although we don’t expect this to be happen on us. However, sometimes we are accidentally injured during our hiking process. A tracking pole will help you to ease the pain on your feet as your body weight will shared to your arm by using a tracking pole. So, I guess this thing is no longer optional.

10. Navigation Tools

compassThe next important thing for your hiking process is the navigation tools. These tools are also important as the other things on the list. What makes these tools are so important? Of course it will help you a lot so you will not get lost inside the mountain. The navigation tools are consisting of a compass, GPS, a map and altimeter. Altimeter is used to measure the height of your current location from the sea level.

11. Batteries

batteriesAs we carry and use a lot of electrical things such as flashlight, GPS, and camera, of course the batteries inside them are draining so fast. Therefore, you need to bring spare batteries inside your bag to avoid this uncomfortable situation. Carrying spare batteries are also useful for your hiking partners in case if they are also running out of batteries.

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