11 Healthy Benefits from Jogging that You Need to Know

Running or jogging is one of the cheapest and easiest exercises that you can do. This healthy activity is also the perfect cardiovascular exercise for us. You can burn more fat and your lungs are forced to inhale more air. Running or jogging is also known as a stress reliever exercise. Waking up in the morning and doing this activity is recommended since you will inhale the fresh air and it’s not polluted with many kind of hazardous pollutions. This morning exercise should be your first choice to start your day, however, due to the high mobility of people, they usually change the time of jogging in the night. Jogging or running is not only about inhaling the fresh air but also to get more benefits which are useful for our health. So, do you want to know the benefit of jogging? Check this one out!

1. Live Longer

live longerThe first benefit of jogging is, it will increase your life expectation. Although jogging is focused on the feet movement it doesn’t mean that it has a short term effect for your body. According from the latest research, it shows that jogging for 56 kilometer in a week will reduce the chance of death by 54%. Although death is an absolute fate for human but it’s also depends in how we live our life. So there is a long term effect for this exercise. What are you waiting for? Go grab your running shoes and live longer!

2. Healthy Heart

Maintain Your Heart

According from a recent research, it shows that jogging for 16 kilometer on a week will minimize the risk of getting the blood pressure disease up to 39%. The cholesterol inside your body will also reduce for 34%. Jogging is also help you to reduce the risk of dangerous disease caused by pinched blood vessels.

3. Stronger Bone


The Missouri University was conducting a research to compare the bone density from the runner and the biker. And the result is, 63% of bikers have less bone density rather than the runners. That means, although cycling is good for our bone, but jogging is more effective to make our bones structure are stronger than before. Our bones structure will be stronger and we will avoided from the risk of getting osteoporosis.

4. Sleep Well

Never Skip (Quality) Sleep

There is a research involving the insomnia sufferer, they are suggested to jogging every morning and the result is showing that they can fall asleep 17 minutes faster than before. They are also said that they have a good sleeping quality than before. Therefore,  the benefit of jogging can be used as reference for those who have sleeping disorders such as insomnia and repair your sleeping time to be normal.

5. Burning Calorie

calorieGetting tired doing exercise on the gym? Or you might give up in how you can remove the calorie inside your body? Try to jogging sometimes, it will help you to burn the calorie twice than before. This running activity will also help you to effectively burn your calorie rather than in the gym.

6. Strong Immune System

Improve Your Immune System

According from the study which is conducted by the health practitioner in Sweden, it shows that jogging regularly will avoided the risk of getting influenza for 18% rather than those who are seldom to jogging in the morning. The changes of weather usually bring a lot of hazardous bacteria in the air and our body is vulnerable from the virus attacks. So, we need to start jogging in the morning to reduce the risk of getting diseases such as influenza.

7. Optimal Respiratory System


Many kind of sports are available to optimizing our respiratory system. A person with asthma can also feel the benefit from jogging. According from a research which is involving the patients with asthma, they are suggested to regularly running every week for 3 months. And the result is, their asthma is seldom to appear after they doing this exercise. They said that they are easier to breathe after jogging regularly.

8. Strong Muscles

body muscles

Jogging in the morning is not only useful to maintain your body weight but also gaining the mass of your muscles. Our muscles will get stronger when we are jogging. Stronger muscles mean healthier body. Our body metabolism is working rapidly during jogging including the process of cells production. The cells production is useful to replace the old muscles into new ones.

9. A Better Stamina


Jogging is surely absorbing our energy but at the same time, our body is also producing the new energy. This new energy which is produced during the process of our body metabolism can keep it to be balance. However, jogging for too long is not good for our body since it will make us exhausted and losing too much water. Jogging is suggested to be done for 30 to 60 minutes every day and not more than that. With a regular jogging, you will see the difference inside your body.

10. The Risk of Diabetes

Prevent Diabetes

The next benefit from jogging is, it can avoid you from the risk of getting diabetes. As we can see that diabetes is one of the deadly diseases in the world. The burning process during jogging is not only happening on the calorie but also in the cholesterol as well. Reduced body weight during jogging is proving that the amounts of calorie and sediment cholesterol are slowly reduced. This condition is also happening on the cholesterol level. According from the recent research is showing that jogging in the morning could reduce the risk of getting diabetes for 5%.

11. Curing Hypertension

Lower Hypertension

The last benefit of jogging on the list is, it can help you to cure hypertension. Although many kind of vegetables are known to cure hypertension but cardiac exercise like jogging is also good to smoothen the bloodstream. Jogging is considered as the simplest cardiac exercise. Although it’s simple but it’s quite proportional to keeping the heart rate to be normal. This condition can stabilize the blood pressure as well. Therefore, jogging in the morning is suggested for the people with hypertension because this simple exercise can help them to maintain the blood pressure.


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