11 Health Problems Caused By Sitting For Too Long In Front Of The Computer

Do you have a job that make you sit all day long? We are seems to didn’t realized that our job is letting us to sit all the time. There are many kind of jobs for supporting my argument such as office employee, banker, sewing operator and the other jobs. This habit is continuing after you got home when you watch a television. Sitting for too long will bring several problems for your health and disturbing your metabolism system. For a long term, sitting for a long time will increase the risk of severe disease. Most of the people seems didn’t realized the danger of sitting for so long. However, the scientists and health practitioners are trying their best to warn us. Below is the article discussing the bad effect from sitting for so long. Happy reading everyone and please stay healthy.

1. Heart Attack

Maintain Your Heart

The first bad effect from sitting for so long is, it can increase the risk of heart attack and the other category of another heart anomaly. When we are sitting for too long, our body will response by slowing its metabolism process. The blood stream inside your body is also disturbed and it will also flowing slowly so your muscles can’t help you to burn the calories inside your body. As the result, the fat will block the muscles and your blood vessels. For a long period, the amount of fat in the blood vessels can bring a heart attack. Male or female who sit more than 10 hours per day will have a high risk of getting heart attack. So, you can avoid or at least reduce the chance of getting heart attack by moving up from your chair at least 30 minutes per day.

2. Diabetes Mellitus

Lower the risk of Diabetes

We need to avoid the risk of getting diabetes mellitus as this disease is one of the deadly diseases in the world. The performance of your pancreas will be dropped as you sit in front of your computer for several time. Your pancreas will also produce less insulin from the amount it should be. Sitting more than an hour is already dropped. Insufficient amount of insulin will increase the amount of sugar inside your body. If this condition is continued to happen, the risk of getting diabetes is also increased.

3. Cancer

Anti Cancer

My fellow female reader, the next danger of sitting for too long is aimed for all of you. According from the current research, it has been shown that sitting for too long will increase the risk of getting breast, cervical and intestine cancer. The risks of getting these cancers are higher because your body is not too active so it’s reducing the antioxidant ability inside your body. The low production of insulin and faster growth of unhealthy cell is also the factors that triggering the cancer. Therefore, moving your body from the chair a little bit is needed to recover your condition to fight the cancer.

4. Digestive Complication

Digestive System

Sitting for too long also bring a tremendous pressure for your stomach. This pressure will slow the digestive system than before. A slower digestive system can make our digestive organs is not working properly. Some of the symptoms that usually happen is constipation and flatulence. All of this problem is triggered because our digestive system is not working effectively so the microbes inside our intestine is working harder than before.

5. Reduced Brain Function

Increased Brain Activity

The next entry on the list is, sitting for too long will reduce our brain function. This unhealthy condition can be happened because our brain is not getting enough blood and oxygen supply. Our brain needs a sufficient amount of oxygen and blood in order to release some of the several chemical substances for our body. Sitting for too long will make our brain didn’t get these supply and the function will rapidly dropped.

6. Body Posture


Sitting for too long will increase the risk of getting various diseases related with the body posture. This disturbance will not appear in a short time but it will appear for years by doing the same thing. Some of the disturbances are excessive pain on the neck and shoulder, your backbone will also affected because the backbone is continue to support your body when you are sitting for too long.

7. Blood Clot Disease


The blood vessel in your feet will not flowing smoothly when you are sitting for so long. This unhealthy condition is also make your ankle is swollen and varicose will appear behind your knees. In a long period of time, all of these problems can be worse and triggering the risk of heart attack.

8. Cholesterol


After you work for a year, the amount of cholesterol inside your body will surprisingly increase. Sitting for too long will bring a disturbance inside the metabolism function causing the increased amount of triglyceride plasma, rejecting HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) and reduced the sensitivity of insulin at the same time.

9. Obesity


Sitting for hours is also hazardous for our health. Our body is not releasing the energy because the body muscles are not working effectively. This condition is also minimizing the burning calorie process inside our body. So, move up a little bit from your chair at least 5 minutes and you can go back to work as usual.

10. Depression


Alright, the next danger of sitting for so long is depression. Sitting for all day long will make you feel sad and slowly destroying your mood. Sitting for so long will allow you to over thinking about something that actually not so important and it will disturb your concentration. The more you sit the more you can get the possibility of getting depression.

11. Numb


Sitting for so long will make your body is numb. It can also hurt your nerve system and making an uncomfortable condition and it will bring a trouble for your health in a long period of time.

That is the danger behind sitting for so long. Don’t worry, if there is a disease, so there will be a cure and solution. You can drink enough water since it will force you to go to the toilet. Standing for every 30 minutes is also recommended to prevent the diseases caused by sitting for too long.

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