11 Health Benefits of Lime Juice

lime juice

Just imagined that you are enjoying a glass of drink in the heat of scorching sun, what could be the best drink that comes up in your mind? I’m sure the answer is vary depends on what we really want and where we come from. I’m going to answer a glass of lime juice is the best remedy to remove my thirst. You may agree with me and you also may not, because we are not going to discuss about various drinks that suitable to drink in hot temperature. Instead, I’m going to invite you to discuss about a small fruit that have fresh acidic taste. Yes, we are going to discuss about lime and its benefits especially for our health. Lime is categorized as oranges family. Lime has the highest amount of vitamin C rather than the other oranges family. Lime has been used for many purposes such as food seasoning, skin treatment, body weight controller, and absolutely to support our health body inside out. Now, please let me to mention the benefits of lime one by one, here they are.

1. Boost Up your Immune Body System

Boost Up your Immune Body System

Raining or winter seasons are the harsh times for our body. Our body will be vulnerable and easier to get sick such as fever and influenza. Vitamin C inside a lime is the perfect solution to keep your immune system from seasonal diseases; the flavonoid antioxidant will help you to fight the viruses to regain your fitness in extreme weathers.

2. Balancing your Body pH

Balancing your Body pH

pH is a measurement of nucleic and acid balance, the sufficient alkali inside our body showing that our body is healthy while the acid shows that our body is in unhealthy condition. Our body normally needs 80% of alkali and the rest of 20% is acid to keeping the stability of our body. We are more likely do the contrary things by fulfilling the acid needs and rarely fulfilled the need of alkali. This is the reason why we are easier to get sick. A steady consumption of vegetables will build the balance of alkali inside our body. You might be confused to find the correlations with lime. Although the taste of lime is really acidic but it’s not an ordinary acid. Lime contains a citric acid which is gives you the sufficient amount of alkali required for balancing the amount of acid inside our body.

3. Repair Your Digestive System

Repair Your Digestive System

Diseases related with digestion system such as diarrhea and constipation can be solved with drinking a glass of warm juice. This reactivated your intestines and smoothing it and keeps it steady. And now, say good bye to your diarrhea and constipations.

4. Dilute Uric Acid

Dilute Uric Acid

Lime can also naturally dilute uric acid. As we know that uric acid is one of the dangerous diseases. The presence of citric acid is the man of the match here. If you have problem with uric acid, you can try to drink a glass of warm juice every morning and evening to slowly remove your uric acid. Lime is considered as the herbal medicine of uric acid.

5. Increasing Your Vision

Increasing Your Vision

The antioxidant inside a lime can prevent your eyes from degeneration and damage while the flavonoid can give your eyes protection from infection and irritation. Lime can also be your headache solution, the instruction is simple, you just need to drink a glass of lime juice. That’s all, pretty easy right?

6. Prevent Cancer

Prevent Cancer

Lime is the anti cancer agent which help you to reduce the risk of some deadly cancer such as ulcer, intestine, and leukemia. The ability to fight cancer is coming from the content of liminoid inside a lime. It has the same effect like green tea in preventing the free radical.

7. Keep Your Digestive System

Repair Your Digestive System

Our intestine is the home of many parasitic worms that absorbed our food nutrition. If this occurred continuously, it will bring a harmful effect. A combination of lime and coconut water will surely killed those parasitic worms. You can drink this combination three times a day for the best result.

8. Kill Dangerous Bacteria


Your intestine is also the home of thousand bacteria. Although there are good bacteria, harmful bacteria that carried deadly viruses such as malaria, typhoid, and cholera are also existed. Pretty frightening isn’t it? Relax; you can prevent the growth of those deadly bacteria by drinking a glass of lime juice three times a day, just like the previous method.

9. Strengthen Your Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels

If you accidentally cut your finger while cooking, take a slice of lime and rub it immediately around the wounded area. It will be hurt for a while but trust me; your wound will quickly healed. As fruit with a high dose of vitamin C, lime has the strong disinfectant and antitoxin effect. Vitamin C also help you to strengthen the blood vessels so it will not broke up easily lead to a small bleeding.

10. Rejuvenate Your Kidney

Rejuvenate Your Kidney

Have you ever heard that a lot of mineral water consumption will make your kidney to be healthy? Well this statement is probably correct, but not all kind of drinks will makes your kidney in a good shape. The experts have been empirically recommending the list of drink which can solve the problem related with kidney. Lime juice is one of the recommended drinks by the expert. The citric acid inside a lime can help you to prevent the mineral bound by the calcium. If this keep continued to happen, there will be problem in your kidney. Therefore, a glass of lime juice is the easiest and cheapest medication for your kidney problem.

11. Coughing Remedy

Coughing Remedy

Lime juice is the most efficient, easy and cheap for your coughing solution. There are variations of cough remedy involving lime juice. One of the recipes is to prepare a lime juice, a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. You can mix all of the ingredients and filter it to remove the lime seeds. And the last thing is, drink it three times a day. Another version of this cough remedy is the combination of lime juice and soy sauce.



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