11 Food Ingredients That You Need To Avoid

Smelly odors that coming from our body or mouth are always become a problem that affecting our confidence. The smell inside our mouth is also known as halitosis and our body is also known as bromidrosis. Foul breath and body is a common problem for us. The main cause of foul breath and body is basically coming from the problem inside our mouth. The common dental problems are occurred inside our mouth such as caries, damaged email and teeth.  There are many factor that affecting the smelly odor such as diet, sex, occupation, mood feeling, genetic and medical reason. Internal diseases are also the cause of our foul body smell. Start from nasal respiratory infection, digestive problem, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis until diabetes. Unhealthy habit is also contributing to production of foul odor. However, there are the deodorants which can be used to cover up your problem. However, some of the health experts argue that the over usage of deodorant could worsen the smell itself. So, what is the best solution for this problem? The change of your diet could be the alternative solution to reduce this troublesome smell. Here are the lists of food ingredients that can trigger the foul odor in your body. Check this out!

1. Spices


Spices with their strong aroma will produce sulphur gases when they are digested. This gas will be absorbed by the blood and it will be eliminated through the lungs and skin pores. This is causing the foul odor coming out from your body and mouth. The example from these spices are garlic, red onion and curry powder.

2. Red Meat


The second food ingredient on the list is the red meat. It will take a lot of time to digesting the red meat. When the red meat is remain undigested, the toxic and foul odor gases will be emitted from it and this is the cause of foul odor that coming out from your body and mouth. If you are males and want to catch the woman’s attraction, you need to reduce your meat consumption. I know it’s a little bit hard to do but hey, who doesn’t want to looks charming in front of the girls right? According from the published study, it shows that the girls are attracted with the man who doesn’t eat meat a lot. They felt that these men are more fun, attractive and less body smell rather than those who eat the meat a lot.

3. Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcoholic Drink

The next source of your smelly body is coming from the habit of drinking alcohol and caffeine beverages such as tea, chocolate, coffee, soda and so on. By reducing its consumption, your body will rejuvenated and it will avoid you from getting smelly body and mouth. Reducing the consumption of alcohol is proven to be hard to do rather than it’s said. However, I believe that if you really want to quit, nothing is impossible.

4. Junk Food

The First Hamburger

The next source of your smelly body is junk food. Junk food is already known as dangerous for us. This food is also capable to bring foul odor in your body. Consuming junk food or any kind of food with high amount of salt/sugar/flour and hydrogenated oil will most likely decomposed inside your stomach, so it will produce foul odor in your body and mouth.

5. Low Carbohydrate Food

Source: Shutterstock

Cutting the amount of carbohydrate is causing excessive protein inside your body. This process will help you to burn more fat inside your body. However, this process will release keton into your blood stream. The smell of keton will bring a terrible feeling for your body.

6. Dairy Products


The next food ingredient is dairy products. Although the dairy products are really useful for your body but these products are abundant in protein. The protein will be absorbed inside your stomach and causing hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. Both of these substances are the trigger of foul odor inside your body.

7. Colin


The next food ingredient on the list is colin. Consuming a lot of foods contained with colin will bring a smell like fish in your body. Some of the people who cannot digest this food will experience a trouble related with smell. The example of these foods is egg, fish and nuts.

8. Fried Foods

Fried Foods

The next food ingredient on the list is fried foods. The fat and oil inside these fried foods could be spoiled anytime. And if you consume it, fried foods will trigger bad digestion. Bad digestion means that your body smell will also affected.

9. Tobacco


The smoke of a cigarette is the abundant source of dangerous chemical constituents. The foul odor will be emitted through the skin. Even if you are already quit smoking, the smell will remain existed inside your body for weeks. Another reason to stop smoking right?

10.Trim ethylamine


Some of people have genetic disorder known as trimethylaminuria. In this kind of condition, the body is no longer capable to processing the amino acid, trimethylamine which are causing the foul odor inside your body. There are many kind of foods which are contained with amino acid such as seafood, fish oil, egg, milk, nuts, soya bean, and broccoli.

11. Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods

The next is spicy foods. Eating hot cuisines is surely challenging and delicious at the same time. However, too much chili in your cuisine will also produce body odor as well. Make sure that you reduce the consumption of spicy foods to reduce the chance of getting foul odor emitted inside your body.

So that is the list of foods that triggering the foul odor inside your body. As there are problem so does the solution. To prevent the foul odor inside your body, you can start to conduct a regular medical check up to ensure that your body is in good condition. A good digestive system will also keep you away from getting foul odor. Don’t forget to wash your tongue after brushing your teeth. Changing your diet pattern can also help you to remove the foul odor. Consuming high fiber fruits such as strawberry, orange, grape and pineapple will also help you to remove the foul odor inside your body.

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