11 Easy And Effective Ways To Boost Your Happiness Level

Everybody should be happy. Alright, these words are easy to say rather to be done. In fact, we have so many things that can make us drown in stressful condition. There are many ways to make us happy such as having a luxurious house, expensive car and a lot of money will definitely make us happy. Even finding money in your pocket can make you smile also. In this hard time, it seems really hard to find the happiness around us. Most of the people are busy to spend their life to over thinking something that they don’t have and of course this will make them sad. So, how we can be happy if our mind is always be in a negative state? Wait, no need to be so complicated because I will give you the simple ways to be happy, check this out!

1. Smile


Alright, the first simple way to be happy is smile! I believe that this is a something that we always can do. Have you ever feel sad to watch smiling person? No isn’t it? Smile can elevate our mood and this fact is supported by the Clark University research result. The result is showing that smile can help us to activate positive memories. So, it’s good to start your day with a smile on your face. However, a fake smile is not recommended because it will not bring a positive result for you and also the other people.

2. Jogging


The second simple way to be happy is jogging. This sport is already proved to bring a healthy result for you. Jogging is not only give you the healthy benefits but it can also help you to be happy. Jogging can stimulating your heart to be more active and it can also producing endorphin hormone inside our brain. This hormone is known as the happiness hormone, repair your mood and maintain your body immune system and rejuvenate your feeling. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your running shoes and run!

3. Say a Prayer


One thing that we always seem to forget is praying. Praying is a spiritual activity that can also elevating our happiness feeling. So, don’t forget to pray every time and don’t forget to be thankful of what you have. Praying is also known to be effective to increase our courage and relaxing our feeling.

4. Walk in a Park

walk in a park

Who doesn’t like to get closed with the nature? You can go hiking to the mountain along with your friend and find the ultimate joy when you managed to the top of the mountain. If you are against mountain hiking, don’t worry because you can still get the rejuvenate feeling when you walk in the parks. According from the research in United Kingdom showing that most of people is happier if they are in a natural environment rather than in a crowded situation of urban city.

5. Do a Good Thing

good thing

Doing a good thing is the next simple way to make us happy. According from the study in University of California, doing a good thing to others can make someone is happier and of course committing a crime can make someone drown in fear. So, from now on, you can do good things to help the others. Your happiness will be doubled if it’s shared and your sadness will be reduced at the same time.

6. Listen to Your Favorite Songs


Alright, before we continue to the next simple way to be happy, let me ask you a question, what can you do if there is no music on earth? Your life will be so empty right? Well, it’s true that our life will be empty without the presence of music. According from the recent research, it shows that people need to listen to upbeat songs in order to increase their happiness level while they are doing something. So, choose your favorite tracks and you can start to singing.

7. Meditation


Meditation can also your alternative way to be happy. Meditation is known to be effective as stress reliever activity and it can also reducing the symptoms of depression. Doing meditation is also related to increased quality of sleep and maintains your emotional healthiness. So, you can find a calm place, set up your mat and get ready to emerge with the nature as you meditate.

8. Having A Diary


Diary, it’s considered as a private secret of someone who wrote it. This book is familiar with us and the women are always associated with diary. However, a diary is also related with man also. If you have problems, you can write it in your diary or you can also write about anything that you had already done in a day. You can also write your grace and hopes because you can see how many hopes and prayers that are already granted by God. I believe that you will spend your lifetime to count the blessings from God since it’s countless.

9. Playing With Your Pets


As we already know that dog is a man best friend. They are cute, friendly and loyal animal. According from a study, it shows that playing or patting a dog can help you to increase the left brain activity which is associated with happiness and joy. So, from now on, spare your time to play with your pets and get ready to be happy.

10. Find Your Passion


There is nothing more fun when you can find your hobby or passion. Finding the right hobby or passion is allowing you to always develop the potential inside yourself. If you like to think and imagine anything, what if you try to be a writer? Do you like to sing? Well, you can play your favorite instrument and record your song. It’s easy to be happy right?

11. Remembering The Good Times


A beautiful time is really hard to forget. According from the research in the University of Southampton, remembering beautiful times in the past can stimulate our brain to think more optimistically. So, isn’t it easy thing to do right? What are you waiting for? You can do this to be happier and the most important thing is you, yes it’s you are deserve to be happy.

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