11 Early Signs of Pregnancy That You Need to Know All of It

Pregnancy is a period when a woman carrying an embryo inside her womb. For the married couple, pregnancy is the most awaited time. However, there are couples who postponed the pregnancy with many kind of factors, health factor is one of the example for it. For the women who pregnant for the first time, they are usually didn’t realize that now they have a baby inside their womb. A married couple sometimes didn’t know exactly about the early signs of pregnancy. They are still confused to distinguish between the early signs of pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms) and menstruation. The lack of knowledge to distinguish the signs could bring the case of miscarriage and I’m sure that you didn’t want this to be happen right? Through this article, you will find out the early signs of pregnancy and I really hope that it will help you the provided information. So, here they are the early signs of pregnancy presented just for you.

1. Late Period of Menstruation

periodThe first sign of pregnancy is the easiest sign to recognize. After the ovum is fertilized, the ovarium will no longer producing new ovum during the period of pregnancy. So, you will not get your menstruation period during the pregnancy. This early sign of pregnancy can be used as one of the guidance to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

2. Abdominal Cramp

crampsThe second early sign of pregnancy on the list is the abdominal cramp. The pregnant women usually have abdominal cramp on the early weeks of their pregnancy. So, you might have to be aware when you have a continuous stomachache because it can be the early sign of pregnancy. An abdominal cramp is a natural process when the fetus is implanted in the uterus wall. This process will keep going during the first stage of pregnancy.

3. Bleeding Spot

bleedingThe next early sign of pregnancy on the list is the appearance of bleeding spot. These bleeding spots are caused by the implantation process or it’s called implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is occurred because of the fetus is implanted into the wall of uterus. Therefore, when this process is happened, you will get a small bleeding and usually it looks like a spot. These bleeding spots are fewer if it’s compared with your menstruation so it can be easily distinguished.

4. Physical Change of Breasts

breastThe next early sign of pregnancy is also easy to recognize especially for the married couple. The breasts of pregnant women will physically change. Women are sensitive when their breasts are touched even if it touched by their own bra. The women breasts are also known to be a little bit painful when it accidentally touched. This uncomfortable feeling will also happen along with the increased size of your breast. So if you ever shocked with the change of your breast’s size, don’t worry because it’s normal and it can be the sign of your pregnancy.

5. Morning Sickness

morning sicknessVomit and Nausea are generally happen when you are pregnant. This process will happened everyday and it could happen for more than an hour. Sometimes, it will happen in the morning and that is why this process is also known as the morning sickness. So, if you are start to feel nausea and vomiting everyday in the morning, it could be the first sign of pregnancy. The normal morning sickness usually could last for seven days.

6. Urinating Intensity

urinatingIncreased intensity of urinating is the next early sign of pregnancy. The fetus inside your womb needs a wider space. Therefore the womb is expanded and causing the bladder is pressed. That is why, if you ever feel that you visit the toilet more than it should be, that could be the early sign of pregnancy. However, this sign is not absolutely the early sign of pregnancy because it could be caused by the other factors.

7. Easy to Tired

tiredThe next early sign of pregnancy is your body will get easily tired. Your body will tired so easily when you do your daily activities. You will also feel that your body is tired even if you are doing nothing. This could be worse if you have a health problem like a low blood pressure. You will get tired and most likely fainted during your pregnancy. This sign could be dangerous so you need to be extremely aware from now on.

8. Mood Swing

mood swingThe next early sign of pregnancy on the list is the mood swing. A pregnant woman is having a rapid change of mood. You might be feeling so happy and then it can turn into a sad felling in no time. You will also like to get angry with your husband without a reason. Well, you don’t have to worry since it’s normally occurred for pregnant women. Mood swing is caused by the rapid change of hormones inside your body. If you ever felt this mood swing, it means that your body is adapting with the presence of the new hormones.

9. Headache

headacheHeadaches are always happen by the pregnant women. This symptom is caused by many kinds of physical factors such as tired, hunger, low blood pressure and nausea. Headache which is occurred in pregnant women is also caused by emotional factor such as depression and tense feeling. The increased supply of blood inside your body can also make your head is in pain. So, if you ever felt just like the previous explanation, than it could be the first sign of pregnancy.

10. Strange Desire of Food

desire of foodAs the early sign of pregnancy, you will find out that you want to eat something that you could never imagine before. It might be the foods that you don’t like or something that you never eat it before. However, you will strangely dislike the foods that might be your all time favorite to eat. If you ever felt this, than it could be the early sign of pregnancy.

11. Sensitive to Smell

smellThe last early sign of pregnancy on the list is coming from your nose. As the sign of pregnancy, you will be more sensitive to any kind of smell. You can’t stand a second with every kind of smell especially a certain kind of smells that coming from foods. This could lead to nausea and vomiting to you.

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