10 Young Male Billionaires Around The World That Can Make You So Envious

Who doesn’t want to make more money and get everything that we want? Who doesn’t want to be living in luxury? Everything seems to be alright when someone can get this life benefit while they were young and spend the rest of their life building the career and future. From the total of world population around 7 billion persons, at least 1.634 of them are made it to build their fortune until they become billionaires. The interesting facts about these billionaires are, they get this abundant fortune by working hard. They didn’t get it because of inheritance from their parents or relatives. Some of these billionaires are still young and their average age is under 40 years. Who are they? Alright, let’s check them out!

1. Dustin Moskovitz (31 years)

Dustin Moskovitz

The first young billionaire on the list is Dustin Moskovitz. He is one of the Facebook founder along with his popular friend, Mark Zuckerberg. At this time, his share on Facebook is helping him to earn around USD 3 billion. Although Dustin Moskovitz is already rich on young age but just like the other young man, he has a normal life. Sometimes, he rides a bike to his office, using commercial plane for travelling and camping.

2. Mark Zuckerberg (31 years)

Mark Zuckerberg

The second young billionaire on the list is Mark Zuckerberg. Just like his friend, Dustin Moskovitz he is the founder of Facebook. His fortune is around USD 25 billion. Oh my God, I become so envious by writing the number of Mark’s fortune, please forgive me God. This number of fortune is caused by so many shares that he hold on Facebook. The most interesting fact is, although he has so much shares on his company, Mark Zuckerberg only received salary around USD 1 per year as the CEO of Facebook.

3. Eduardo Saverin (32 years)

Eduardo Saverin

The third young billionaire on the list is Eduardo Saverin. He is also the co-founder of Facebook. Eduardo Saverin is a chief financial officer and business manager on this social media in the early time since it was built in Palo Alto, United States of America. Eduardo Saverin hold his share on Facebook around 5 % and it’s help him to investing on technology sector in Singapore. Since he left his U.S citizenship in 2011, Eduardo Saverin is now living in Singapore.

4. Drew Houston (31 years)

Drew Houston

He built Dropbox when he was still a colleague in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States of America. At this time, Drew Houston has been awarded with many kind of titles because of his achievement. Drew Houston is made it to earn around USD 1,2 billion and it’s still counting in the age of 31. What a good achievement by this man!

5. Sean Parker (34 years)

Sean Parker

The next young billionaire is Sean Parker. He is the oldest member among his Facebook team. Sean Parker is a talented person in programming aspect. He makes a music application named Napster when he was still 19. At this time, Sean Parker is a direction member of several internet companies such as Spotify and Yammer. Sean Parker’s fortune is around USD 2,1 billion.

6. Anton Kathrein Jr (30 years)

Anton Kathrein Jr

The next young billionaire on the list is Anton Kathrein Jr. Alright, I think you might not too familiar with him. Let me give you a clue. Nowaday, cell phone is a vital communication device in our life and Anton Kathrein’s grandfather is working on the production of cable, antenna and receiver since the time of World War I. All of these things are needed to send the signal of cell phone throughout the world. Their business is not only making all of those things but also producing antenna for another media such as TV and radio. At this time the fortune of Anton Kathrein is around USD 1,7 billion.

7. Tom Persson (30 Years)

Tom Persson

Who is Tom Persson? What he has done so he can be categorized as a young billionaire on the list? Well, if you are not familiar with this man, what about if I mention H & M? Yes it is, Tom Persson is the current leader of this biggest fashion retail company. H & M is known as the second biggest fashion retail company in the world. Tom Persson continues to run this company after his father. The current value of H& M is around USD 3 billion and it’s still counting.

8. Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III (29 years)

Santo Domingo

Alright let’s head to the next young billionaire. This man is Julio Mario Santo Domingo. What is he doing? Well he is running a company which is really closed to us, beer. He is also known as a DJ and Julio is always introducing his beer products while he was on the stage. Well, I think he got everything that he wants, perhaps.

9. Bobby Murphy (26 years)

Bobby Murphy

He is the second children of his parent and also a senior in Stanford University when he hangs up with his friends and creating Snapchat. Bobby Murphy is learning math and computer science at that time when he, Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and all of the Kappa Sigma members are gathering and creating an application Picaboo and then they change its name into Snapchat. His company is worth USD 1,5 billion when Bobby Murphy is just 26 years. This man is so fantastic!

10. Evan Spiegel (24 years)

Evan Spiegel

It’s really hard to imagine when a fresh graduate person is directly taking the role of C.E.O but Evan Spiegel make it looks so easy. Evan Spiegel is partnering with Bobby Murphy to make an application called Snapchat. Spiegel is learning product design in Stanford University when he met with Murphy. Snapchat is popular application that allows you to share your photos like Instagram. He once rejects the USD 3 billion buying clause from Facebook and he also rejecting the USD 19 billion offer from the other company. He argues that only a few people can get this business idea and sold it for a short term profit will be a great loss. The current value of Spiegel’s company is around USD 1,5 billion and make him one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Well, I hope that he can continue to be a successful person in the future.

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