10 World’s Record Breaking Birds You Got To Recognize All of Them

Bird is categorized as vertebratae creature equipped for flying, maintaining their body temperature, camouflage device and as a sign for attracting the females. We have already know that there are thousand kind of bird species. They come in various body appearances. And this article will guide you to know the many records from birds around the world.

1. The World’s Smallest Bird


A bee hummingbird or mellisuga helenae looks like an insect for the first time they were discovered in the wild. The male is measured less than 5 cm and females is measured in 5, 6 cm. Both of them are weighed for 2 gram. They mainly feed on sweet nectar lies in flowers, but sometimes, they are not hesitated to eat small insects as their additional diet.

2. The World’s Biggest Bird


The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world, and they are taller than people in common. An ostrich can grow up to 5 feet in height and weighed at 240 pound in weight. They live in pack in the African continent. An ostrich can’t fly , as the substitutes of their wings, they have a long neck to keep their eyes from the enemies and a pair of strong foot which allowed them to run very fast in order to avoid from their enemy. The ostrich is considered as the fasten bird ever. They can run up to 70 mph.

3. The World’s Rarest Bird


A group of Colombian conservation has been found two colonies of bird and one of them is probably the rarest bird on the world. The scientific name of this bird is Oropenduala baudo or psarocolius cassini. There are only a dozen of these birds in the wild before their discovery. Now the scientists have been found 70-80 kind of this rarest bird in western part of Colombian jungle. Most of this species are colored in black, grey, brown color in their wings and yellow tail. This bird are also has pink color on the cheek which can be a visible difference with other species of bird. This bird likes to live in packs and they can produce various kinds of sounds. Their mainly feed on fruits and insects.

4. The World’s Greediest Bird


Herring Eagle is a scavenger type I. They mainly feed on meat, any kind of meat. Although it’s half cooked, raw or already turn into rotten carcasses. They will not hesitate at all eating those meat selections. They will continue to eat until exceeding their body limit for 20% . This scavenger has unlimited appetite and they will eat as fast as possible. They are seldom hunting for healthy animal, they prefer wounded or deceased animals. If their prey is too big for them, they will usually wait for the bigger bird to finish the meal and they will wait patiently for their turn. Herring Eagle usually fights for leftover food and it’s commonly happen. They will not stop eating until their appetite is satisfied.

5. The World’s Widest Wingspan


The Wandering Albatross is noted as the bird with the world’s widest wingspan with more than 5 m from the edge to another. The live in the southern part of the world and spend the rest of their time in the ocean except for rest. The wandering Albatross is categorized into the order of procellariiformes. They can fly so far away without clapping their wings. They can be discovered in The South Atlantic Ocean, Indian and Pacific Ocean.

6. The World’s Smartest Bird

grey parrot

The African Grey Parrot can be located in the central and west part of Africa. This bird has been known for their ability of impersonating human sounds. Not only that, these birds can also make a correlation and making a simple sentence. The African Grey Parrot communicates with each other using their sound and body language. This bird is very easy to tamed and trained for impersonating human voices perfectly. Some of these birds have been recognized about 50 objects, 7 colors, 5 shapes and counted until 6. The African Grey Parrot can distinguish the location and the size of objects.

7. The World’s Fiercest Bird


Cassowary is recognized as the fiercest species of bird. They are aggressive in nature. Cassowary can’t be put near human. So you always see this tall bird in a fence, otherwise, they can chase you down. The Guinness World of Record has been categorized cassowary as the most dangerous bird in the world. Their natural habitat is on the Australian jungle and Papua New Guinea.

8. The World’s Most Expensive Bird

yellow naped parrot

This bird can be distinguished by its active, smart and they can also imitating the human voices. The amazon yellow-naped parrot  or amazona auropalliata is colored in green and it has a yellow spot in their cheek and behind the neck. Due to its rarity, this bird is priced so expensive. The price of this bird is about $300.000 and it has been sold to a businessman from Kuwait. So, do you want to buy this bird as your additional collection? I think we are all agreed that the best place for this bird is in the jungle and we can do another thing which is more important with those amount of money.

9. The World’s Fastest Bird


The white throated needle tail or spine-tailed swift is the fastest bird which can go up to 105 mph. Although they have short legs, but they sure a fastest flying animal ever. They build their nest on the cliff and trees. They are nomadic creature and they are migrating when winter to the southern part of Australia. Some of this bird has been found in west Europe, Sweden, Norway and England.

10. The World Highest Flying Bird

Bar-headed goose

Bar-headed goose flying from India across the Himalaya. They are reproduce in Tibet and the can fly in 12.000-14.000 feet (4.267 m above the sky). In this altitude, the oxygen level is diminishing, but the extreme condition can’t not affect this bird from keep flying. This type ow swan also have a special hemoglobin to absorbing the oxygen faster than the other bird. They can also extracted more oxygen than the other species.

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