10 World’s Most Consumed Animals You Have to Know

Food has been the most important daily needs for humans being in order to survive. Food are contains with various kind beneficial nutrients to support our live. There carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin and protein to keep our body to stay healthy and active. Talking about protein, this nutrient is also one of the fundamental essences to support our body. Protein can be obtained from the vegetables and animals around us. Most of us are like to eat foods with high calorie and usually the dishes are consisting of meat as the main ingredients. Well, do you still remember the usual meat that you are already consumed every day?

The protein that we obtained is coming from the domesticated animals such as chicken, pork, cow, fish and lambs. Although the previous animals are commonly harvested for their meat, another country like America is consuming rabbits or guinea pig. Both of the previous animals are the common example of getting the alternative protein. So, today, I would like to give you the information about the world’s most consumed animal. Check this one out!

1. Rabbit


Rabbit is not commonly consumed in many countries and their meat is rarely seen on the market. However, rabbit is the favorite meat in many countries like China, Europe, and the South America. The rabbit meat have the higher amount of protein compared with the other meat. The rabbit meat also lowers in their unsaturated fat compared with chicken, cow and lamb. For those who have heart disease, consuming rabbit meat is suggested to be added on their daily menu.

2. Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

The next most consumed animal in the world is Guinea Pig. This animal is also known as hamster. Guinea Pig is become the main food in the various state countries. This animal is a common meat especially in the southern part of America like Peru and Bolivia. There are approximately 65 millions of hamster are consumed in both of these countries each year. The hamster’s meat is also categorized a popular meat for the diet ingredients. The meat from guinea pig is considered as “white meat” since they have fewer amounts of fat and cholesterol. Guinea Pig is also easy to be raised and we don’t need a wide area for raising them. As one of the most popular pets in the world, hamster is already captivated around the world. However, the hamster captivity is meant to be consumed and not to be as pets.

3. Duck


The next most consumed animal in the world is duck. This squawking creature was being used as the food ingredient by China for the very first time. The duck meat is different with chicken. Chicken is white in color when they are cooked. The color of duck meat is darker than chicken and the amount of cholesterol is quite high than chicken especially on their thigh. One of the most popular dishes from China is the Peking Duck. This delicious dish is usually made from a whole roasted or steamed duck. While China is proud with their Peking Duck, France also have their own way to respect the duck. One of the signature dishes from France is Foie grass. This dish is made from the duck or swan heart. The cooking preparation if this dish is categorized as controversial. The ducks are forced two eat twice on a day in order to increase their heart volume until ten times larger than usual.

4. Turkey


Turkey is the next most consumed animal in the world. The colors of turkey’s flesh are black and white. The black color is coming from the blood that bounding the oxygen inside their muscles. Some people said that most of the domestic turkeys didn’t have black colored meat. This fact is different from the turkey in wildlife. A black colored turkey’s flesh is considered to have tastier flavor especially on their thigh, breast and legs. Turkey is the main dish in America especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration.

5. Fish


The next most consumed animal in the world is fish. This animal can be turned into various kinds of delicious dishes. You can fry, steam, grilled or you can just eat them raw. One of the most popular dish using fish as the base ingredient is Sushi. This dish is coming from Japan. Salmon is the most used fish as their ingredient. Fish is contain with the amount of omega 3 which is essential for keeping the condition of your heart.

6. Lamb


The next most consumed meat in the world is lamb. One of the most popular lamb based dishes is Kebab. Kebab is the signature dish from Turkey. You can get 331 of calorie and 10 gram of unsaturated fat in 110 gram of lamb. Over consuming the lamb meat will increase the risk of getting heart attack and also increasing the amount of cholesterol.

7. Goat


Goat has been already domesticated since 9.000 years ago. Goat is being captivated for its milk, skin and meat. Goat can be cooked into a tasty grilled meat or you can boil it with coconut milk to add more flavors. Have you ever heard the myth about goat meat contain higher amount of cholesterol? Well, actually, goat meat contains less unsaturated fat than chicken or cow.

8. Cow


The next most consumed animal in the world is cow. Cow can be categorized into two kinds, broiler and dairy cow. Dairy cow has more bones in their body structures while the broiler cow has tenderer and more flesh. Do you know that the most popular beef is the Kobe Beef from Japan? Yes it is, the Kobe Beef is the most popular beef and the price is also fantastic.

9. Pork


Pork is an omnivores animal and they are also known as the most intelligent animals. Pork is used as the ingredient for bacon or ham although they are also cooked as whole pork in many countries. There are many varieties for cooking this animal. The most popular method for cooking pork is by grilled or roasted them. Pig is also used for searching the most expensive mushroom on earth, the name of this mushroom is Truffle.

10. Chicken


Who doesn’t know about this animal? Chicken can be cooked in so many ways in the world. Did you know that chicken is originated from the sub species from the red junglefowl? Red junglefowl is known as the forefather of chicken and this animal was already being domesticated since 5.000 years ago.





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