10 World’s Dangerous Cities That You Need To Stay Away

Have you ever robbed by someone while walking on the street? I believe that this bad experience will not be happen if you are on the safe neighborhood with the lowest criminal rates. But what if you are unlucky enough to stay or live on a place with the highest number of crimes? A city is considered unsafe when the number of murders is high. A higher case of murder in a country means that the related city is unsafe. Some of these countries below have amazing criminal rate which is hard to be explained. The homicide cases in these countries are happen every day so it makes daily life becomes unsafe. Most of these cities are full of gangsters and mafia. So, are you ready to live in these cities?

1. San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula

Our next destination is located in Honduras. In 2012, the city of San Pedro Sula is populated with 719.447 people. Believe it or not, this city has shocking number of violence. There are 1.218 cases of murder in San Pedro Sula. Therefore, this beautiful city is absolutely unsafe to stay. Unless if you want to live under the fear of to be killed on the street. I believe that you don’t want this happen to you and your family.

2. Nuevo Laredo

Nuevo Laredo

Our next destination of the most dangerous city is located in Mexico. The city of Nuevo Laredo in Mexico is considered as a city with the highest criminal and homicide rate. This city has recorded 288 homicide cases from the total 385.315 of population each year. The number of violence and homicide rate are increased when the gangs of Sinaloa Cartel fighting with Zetas inside the city. So, which one you choose? Getting stuck in the middle of mob war or you stay away from this country? The choice is yours.

3. Guatemala City

Guatemala City

Guatemala City is our next destination of dangerous places. A recent study has revealed that there are 2.063 homicide cases in Guatemala City. Gun is the main weapon that has been used for criminal cases in this city. This fact is triggering the public opinion saying that the government should use their authority to solve this problem.

4. New Orleans

New Orleans

There are 93 cases of homicide from about 343.829 of population. The high numbers of homicide cases in this state are caused by guns, mob war and also drug cartel wars. This dangerous combination makes the New Orleans as one of the most dangerous cities on the list.

5. Manaus


The name of Manaus is related with the legend of Manaos. The name of Manaus itself means the Mother of Gods. The name of this city is beautiful isn’t it? The city of Manaus is located in Brazil and although the name means under the protection of Gods but in reality, Gods are seems to be off from their duty. There are about 945 cases of homicide in this city with the population 1.342.846 of people.

6. Vitoria


Our next dangerous city is Vitoria still located in Brazil. The city of Vitoria have incredibly rate of homicide that is 1.018 cases from the 1.685.384 of population. On the past January, a year old children was killed in a case of robbery. This tragedy make the whole world are mourning. This city have the reputation as a city with the highest criminal and homicide rate since then.

7. Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa

The next city is still located in Brazil. The city is Joao Pessoa. This city is populated with 723.515 of people. There are 508 of homicide cases in this city every year. The President of Brazil, Mr.Dilma Rouseff revealed that 3 from 1.000 Brazilian teenagers were killed before they reach the age of 19. This disturbing fact is absolutely dangerous for every teenagers out there especially for the Brazilian teenagers.

8. Recife


I believe that the name of this city is quite strange for most of us especially for the global population. The city of Recife in Brazil has 1.656 homicide cases with the total population for 3.717.640 people. The city of Recife is the 5th biggest metropolis in Brazil. The city of Recife is considered as the Venice in Brazil. The city of Recife has many bridges and canals. Although this city is beautiful but still, the number of violence in Recife are so huge. Well, for every Brazilian people out there who read this article, I’m really sorry to write this and I didn’t meant to offend you with the content of this article but as a human being I also sad to know that there are so many homicide cases which are happen mostly in Brazil. I hope that the current government can give the best solution to prevent the casualties and reduce the criminal rate in these cities.

9. Medellin


Alright, I think we better move from the previous city to another destination to know the most dangerous cities. Our searching leads us to Medellin. The city of Medellin is the next dangerous city on the list. This city is reported to have 1.175 homicide cases from the dense population about 2.393.011 of people. Most of the chaos which occurred in this country is caused by many gangs who wants to occupy the current territories. Although in 1991 the number of homicides in here are reported to reduce but still 6.349 cases of homicide in here are need to be examined deeper by the authorities.

10. Barquisimeto


Our next destination to find the most dangerous country has brought us to the city of Barquisimeto in Venezuela. The city of Barquisimeto has recorded 804 number of homicide cases from 1.1120.718 of population every year. According from the result of study in 2011 conducted by the European Union, Venezuela is listed as the highest violence and criminal rate in South America.

This article is didn’t mean to offend anyone. This article is meant to give information related to the safety of people. Travelling and visiting another foreign country is surely fun but you better stay away or at least reconsider your plan if you want to go to these countries on the list. Well I think that we already arrived in the end of our journey. Happy travelling and stay safe out there everyone.

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