10 Stress Remover Food Ingredients That You Have To Know

Daily activities, bills, hypothec, tax and the monthly expenses are the factors that make our mind are full and it must be stressful. Oh! Don’t forget about your works, it might be stressful as well. This disturbing feeling can be so annoying. They can come anytime and I believe that you don’t want to be bothered with this feeling all the time. According from the study of Carneigh Mellon University, stress can reduce our immune system and this condition could bring several diseases to us. There are many kind of way to reduce our stress level such as travelling, meditation, hanging out with friends and consuming foods. Wait, is there any kind of foods that capable to reduce our stress level? Of course it is, so don’t go anywhere, here are the list of foods that can reduce your stress level.

1. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

The first food on the list is ice cream. This snack is really popular and it’s already consumed by most of the people in the world. The taste of ice cream is also abundant. You can relax your mind for a while and forget your problem by eating any kind of your favorite ice cream. I suggest you to eat the ice cream slowly otherwise it can give you a brain freeze experience.

2. Fish


The second food to reduce the stress level inside you is fish. It’s not a secret that fish is the best food for us. The amount of omega 3 inside fish is not only helping you to get the healthy benefits but also it can reduce your stress level as well. So, you might have to add fish in your daily diet from now on.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is the third drink to reduce the stress level inside you. Drinking a cup of green tea is the best option to reduce your stress level rather than drinking the other beverages such as alcohol or soft drink. There are many kind of beneficial content inside a cup of green tea which is really good for your health. You can get catechin substance which is really useful to prevent the dangerous free radicals and strengthen your vision. There is also the content of thenine amino acid which is believed to calm your brain. Drinking a cup of green tea every morning is really recommended to get the maximum benefit from it.

4. Broccoli


Eating a bowl of broccoli soup can help you to reduce the stress level inside you. According from the expert nutritionists, broccoli is contained with antioxidant so it can help you to reduce your stress level. The amount of vitamin B especially folic acid inside broccoli is also proven to be useful to reduce the stress level inside you. Consuming broccoli on your daily basis is not only reducing your stress level but also relieving the panic syndrome, anxiety and depression. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab this green vegetable now.

5. Milk


Drinking a glass of milk is not only useful for your health but also reducing your stress level as well. According from the University of California, San Francisco, the amount of calcium inside milk is really good to relieve the stress level and reduce the tense of our muscle and calming the nerve system. Drinking a glass of milk everyday is always suggested however, you need to be more selective especially when you are already passing the growth process. You can choose low fat milk to get the job done.

6. Blueberry


Blueberry is the sweetest way to reduce the stress level inside your mind. Filling your pancake with blueberry jam is really perfect remedy to remove your problem. Blueberry is not only good for your diet because it’s low in calorie but also as your stress remover. This fruit is also the best source of antioxidant and flavonoid which are really useful to prevent the brain aging process caused by heavy stress that you are experiencing. This fruit is available in almost every store in your place. If you found difficulties to find this fruit, you can change it with strawberry.

7. Soya Bean

Soya Bean

The next food to relieve your stress level is soya bean. Soya bean can be your best option to relieve the stress level. You can get this vegetable everywhere as it’s really affordable and make you full also. The amount of magnesium, vitamin B and calcium inside soya bean is proven as the effective way to ward of your stress. So, start to add soya bean in your daily diet and say good bye to your stress forever.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t like to eat chocolate? Everybody must have familiar with this sweet snack. However, there is a myth saying that consuming chocolate will make you gain more fat. If you ever heard about this myth, now you might have to move away this myth. According from the research from ACS Journal of Proteome Research, consuming one ounce of chocolate every day for two weeks is effective to reduce the stress level inside your head. A bar of chocolate is contained with polyphenol that is enough to ward of your stress feeling. So, if you feel stress on this weekday, you can drink a cup of hot chocolate. And that is the best remedy for your stress.

9. Wheat


Getting stress of your daily diet? What if you change your ordinary meal with wheat based food? There is a vitamin B inside wheat that can stimulate the production of serotonin hormone so it can help you to have a calm mind. Wheat is also contained with low-fat property so it will not affect your diet program.

10. Almond


The last food ingredient on the list is almond. Almond is healthiest kind of nut that you can eat. This nut is contained with the abundant source of vitamin B that is really good as your stress reliever. Almond is also contained with iron and vitamin E which are really effective to relieve the stress level and prevent the hazardous effect from dangerous free radical inside your body. You can eat this nut directly or you can mix it with chocolate which is the ultimate combination of stress reliever.


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