10 Oldest Churches in History You Need To Know

Christian is already existed since the first century. Although the Christianity has already been taught but the churches were officially erected around the year of 300 or 2 centuries after the born of Christianity. In the past, Christian was considered as a threat by the reigning dynasty of Europe, the Roman Empire. The Christian worshippers are hunted down by the Roman armies and they can’t do their religious activity independently. The future of the Christian seems really dark until the Emperor Constantine declaring a law called “Edict of Milan”. Emperor Constantine has been ordered that every religious worshipper must respect each other. And as the result, many kind of churches was build and the development of Christianity becomes so bright. The designs of churches in the past are simple and might be less in esthetic aspect, but these churches have long in history and it also meaningful especially for the first Christian worshipper. Alright, that is the brief history about Christian and their historical development of the churches. And now, allow me to guide you to the locations of the oldest churches in the world through this article.

1. Church of the Nativity

Church of Nativity

Alright, our first entry is the most memorable church especially for the Christian worshipper.  The Church of Nativity is located in Bethlehem, Palestine. According to the historical literatures, this church was built in 339 M. The foundation structure of this church was built above the cave as part of the tradition remembering the birth place of Jesus Christ in Nazareth. In here, you can see the birth place of Jesus Christ marked with star. The Church of Nativity is being respected by the Muslims and Christian. Isn’t lovely to hear?

2. St. Petrus Basilica

St. Petrus Basillica

Our next destination to find the oldest churches in the world has brought us to St. Petrus Basilica. This Church is located in Vatican. This church was formerly used as a courtyard which is built above the resting place of St. Petrus. This place was being majorly renovated and the old churches have been replaced by a majestic Baroque style building. Since the renovation of this Church has been done, it becomes the biggest Church in the world in the world. St. Petrus Basilica is also known as the mother of all churches in the world.

3. Panagia Ekantontapyliani

Panagia Ekatontapyliani

Panagia Ekantontapyliani is derived from the Greek words means “Church with A Hundred of Doors”.  Panagia Ekantontapyliani was built in 326 M. This Church was the first church after the Christian was being stated as the national religion of Romanian country.

4. Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Church of The Holy Sepulchre

Our next destination is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This church is located in Jerusalem, Palestine. Church of the Holy Sepulcher is considered as the most sacred place by the Christian worshipper. According from the historical literatures, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was built in 325/326 M. This Church of the Holy Sepulcher was built above the Hill of Golgotha and the resting place of Jesus Christ. The Hill of Golgotha is the place where Jesus Christ was being crucified and He was resting in here. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is also the silent witness the Jesus Christ resurrection.

5. Santa Maria Church

Santa Maria Church

Our next religious journey has brought us to Church of Santa Maria. This Church is located in Transvetere, Rome, Italy. According to the history record, the Santa Maria Church was built in 221 B.C and the amazing thing is, you can still see this Church today. Santa Maria Church is one of the oldest churches which are survived until today. This Church was originally a shelter by the runaway Christian worshipper trying to escape from the Roman armies. This Church was built by Pope Calixtus and it’s done by Pope Julius I. Although it’s already renovated for several times but this church is still survived today.

6. Cathedral of Trier


Our next destination of religious journey is already arrived in the Cathedral of Trier. This Cathedral of Trier is located in Rhineland, Palatinate, Germany. Cathedral of Trier was built around 340 MCathedral of Trier is considered as the oldest cathedral in this country. The Cathedral of Trier is famous as this building has been through a long history and different eras so it’s affecting the design. The Church that we see today is the result of renovation with Romanesque style. The huge structures of this church make the Cathedral of Trier is officially stated as the World Heritages Sites by the UNESCO.

7. Church of Saint Simeon Stylites

Church of Saint Simeon Stylites

Our next destination to find the oldest Church in the world has brought us to the Church of Saint Simeon Stylites. This church is located in the northwest from Aleppo, Syria. This church was built since the 5th century. The Church of Saint Simeon Stylites was built in the pillar of St.Simeon Stylites, a famous priest in the past. This Church is also known as the “Qalat Seman the Simeon Fortress”.

8. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia 1

Hagia Sophia is originally an Orthodox Church in the past, but since the reigning era of Ottoman Empire, Hagia Sophia is turned into a mosque. Nowadays, this building was functioned as a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. This building was built until 1453. This church was being functioned as the Cathedral of Constantinople. Between 1204-1261, Hagia Sophia is being functioned as the Roman Catholic Cathedral. Hagia Sophia is being functioned as a mosque in the 29 May 1453 until 1934. A this time, Hagia Sophia is being used as a museum since the 1st February 1935.

9. Monastery of Saint Anthony

Monastery of Saint Anthony

Our next destination is Monastery of Saint Anthony. This church is located in the eastern part of Oasis in the Egyptian desert. This monastery is one of the oldest churches which are erected by the Saint Anthony believers. Saint Anthony is considered as the first priest in here. The Monastery of Saint Anthony is the most popular church in Egypt and Monastery of Saint Anthony has a major influence by many Coptic Christian organizations.

10. Meggido Church

Megiddo Church

Meggido Church is located in the city of Tel Meggido, Israel. Meggido church is the oldest church ever discovered by the scientists. According from the historical literature, this ruins was built since the 3rd century.











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