10 Most Collectible Fishes For Home Aquarium

The ocean is the best place for every kind of sea creatures. No more argument about that. The ocean is also the place of numerous numbers of beautiful fishes and the other life forms. We can go deeper under the sea to see the amazing collections of sea creatures such as fishes and reefs. So what if we are afraid with the deep ocean? Well, we can still admiring them inside the aquarium. There are many kind of aquariums available at stores and the price is also in variations. Although the price of aquarium is vary but the question is, why would anyone wants to spend much money for a box of glass? Of course they do it to get the best experience of collecting amazing sea creatures. Today, I’m not going to talk about the design of aquarium but the collection itself. So, here are the most beautiful and cutest fishes in the world that you need to see them all. Check this out!

1. Mandarin Fish

mandarin fish

The first beautiful fish on the list is mandarin fish. Mandarin fish is also known as the dragonet fish. This cute fish is coming from the southeast Pacific Ocean precisely in the north of Australia. This fish is so beautiful that anyone who saw them is admitting its sparkling scales. Unfortunately, this fish is quite hard to live inside the aquarium since they are known as carnivore. Although they are known to be hard to grown inside the aquarium but this amazing fish is resistant with the viruses unlike the other fishes.

2. Discus


The second amazing fish on the list is discus. Discus is also known as pompadour fish. The name itself is taken from the French King’s mistress, King Louis XV, Madame Pompadour. Discus is really popular among the other aquarium collection. Discus is categorized as the cichild species. This wonderful fish is originated from the Basin River. The color of this fish is vary depend on what kind of color that we want. However, the price of this fish is a little bit expensive. You need around $50-$80 to bring this fish at your home. The treatment of this fish is also a little bit hard to do so if you might want to choose another fish to be added in your aquarium.

3. Moorish Idol

moorish idol

The name of the third amazing fish on the list is taken from the Moorish people, an African community who believe that this fish is the lucky charm for them. Moorish Idol is the only example of prehistoric fish on the list. This fish is so amazing with their colorful skin. However, behind their popularity and its beauty, this fish has a short lifespan between the other fish on the list.

4. Flame Angel

flame angelfsih

The fourth amazing fish on the list is Flame Angel. This fish is the brightest species in the world. Flame Angel is also known as Pygmy Angelfish in Japan. This fish is originated from the Pacific Ocean and it can also be located around Hawaii. This fish is also popular as the aquarium collection because they will eat any kind of food that given to them.

5. Parrotfish


The name of this fish is inspired by its mouth. The shape of their mouth is like a beak from a parrot. Actually, there are around 90 kind of this fish with the same name. So, it can be said that this parrotfish is the unsung hero for the reefs. This fact is related with their unique eating habit. This fish is really loves to eat the seaweed and the other microorganisms. The presence of seaweed and microorganisms can threaten the reefs. However, as long as the parrotfish is keep busy to eat them, then the reefs are fine.

6. Regal Tang

blue tang

Most of you especially are familiar with this fish. The regal tang is also known as the Palette surgeonfish or Blue Tang.   Just like the other fish on the list, the regal tang can be located in entire reefs along the east pacific. Unfortunately, this fish is known to be vulnerable species and easy to get infected with any kind of infection.

7. Clownfish


So, this is the superstar of the aquarium. Almost 43% of aquarium collection is filled with this sea creature. It’s a clownfish everyone. The beauty and amazing side of this fish is already acknowledged by the entire aquarium enthusiast.  More than 25% populations of this fish are grown in captivity. The amazing fact about this fish is, they can change their sex, male to female vice versa. They can live in a colony and caring for their offspring so much. The male clownfish is responsible to protect the eggs that located in the sea anemone. The sea experts are believe that the success of the fish’s captivity will bring the main factor of their existence in the wildlife.

8. Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish

Just like the name, this fish is originated from the Banggai Archipelago, Indonesia. This fish is also popular as the aquarium collection and it’s already grown in captivities. Just like the other fish, the male Banggai Cardinalfish is responsible to protect their egg while the female is taking care of their eggs.

9. Blueface Angelfish


The next amazing fish on the list is the Blueface Angelfish. This fish is also known as the angelfish yellowface. Their character is also unique because the area in their face is so bright rather than its body. This beautiful fish can be located in entire Indian Ocean, Australia, Indonesia, Micronesia and the north part of Japan. This fish is preferred to live inside the caves and lagoon.

10. Dwarf Gourami

dwarf gourami

This fish is coming from India. However, due to the increased population, this fish can be located almost everywhere in the world. The color of this fish is also comes in vary. The dwarf gourami is familiar with two tone of color, red and blue. Dwarf gourami is also the only one of aquarium fishes that is really easy to grown. The main diets of this fish are consisting of algae, fish food and so on. So, do you want them to be added in your aquarium?


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