10 Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomenons in the World You Better Know Each One of Them

We are living on a planet called Earth. Although many historical and scientific records show that human being already inhabit the Earth for a long time ago. However, Earth is still hiding its abundant mysteries waiting for the perfect time to be revealed. Our planet is also the place for many kind of incredible natural phenomenon which is completely hard to be understand by our mind. These natural phenomenons are still covered in mystery and the scientists are still trying to solve it to answer the question, how are these natural phenomenons can be happen? However, although it’s still a mystery, we can watch them as they also give us the spectacular scenery. Here are the lists of stunning natural phenomenon around the world presented just for you. So, are you ready to see them all?

1. Underwater River

Underwater River

The first stunning natural phenomenon in the world is located in Mexico. There lies a river under the sea. The underwater sea in here is also known as Conote Angelita. Conote Angelita is a cave in the center of the jungle which is keeping water stream inside them. This water stream is also connected with the ocean. You will find the freshwater around 30 meter but you will reach the ocean water in 60 meter of diving. You will discover the river in the bottom of the ocean. The most amazing fact is, although these two kinds of water are on the same place, they are not combined with each other. This is just amazing right?

2. The Angel Waterfall

The Angel Waterfall

The second incredible natural phenomenon in the world is the Angel Waterfall. This waterfall is located in the slope of Tepuy Mountain, Venezuela. What makes it incredible is, the height of Angel Waterfall is considered as the highest waterfall in the world. The height of this spectacular waterfall is measured at 979 meter. Now I believe that you already know why this waterfall is called that way right? This waterfall was so high and the local people thought that only the angels could go to the top of this wonderful waterfall.

3. Briksdal Glacier

Briksdal Glacier

The third incredible natural phenomenon in the world is the Briksdal Glacier. Briksdal Glacier is a name of frozen river water. This beautiful natural phenomenon is located around 650 kilometers from the northern area of Europe. Briksdal Glacier is also a part of the Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway. Most part of this place is inbound of Norway and North Pole.

4. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole

The fourth incredible natural phenomenon on the list is the Great Blue Hole. This place is the most popular tourism spot in Belize. Unlike the other land caves which are horizontal in shape, this remarkable underwater cave is vertical. The Great Blue Hole can be clearly seen from the far away because the different color of the water is really stands out. You can see the water is darker in the center of this giant hole.

5. Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame

The next incredible natural phenomenon in the world is the Eternal Flame. Although it’s similar with a song title but I’m not going to discuss it in this chance. This is the real eternal flame and it’s not just a literal saying. The eternal flame or Kayangan Api is a fire source which is not faded away. This incredible natural phenomenon is located in the Sendangharjo Village, Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia. Kayangan Api is caused by natural gas coming from the underground and sparked by fire. Kayangan Api will not be faded although it’s poured with any kind of water or the other liquid.

6. Eternal Lightning


Alright, let’s move from Kayangan Api to the next incredible natural phenomenon in the world. Our destination is located in the Lake of Maracaibo, Venezuela. The Relambago del Catacumbo or the Catacumbo Lightning is usually occurred in the river of Maracaibo Lake. There is no slight difference between the lightning occurred in here and the other lightning around the world. However, the lightning intensity in this place is insane. The lightning is occurred around 140-160 times every year. Therefore, this place is also known as the Eternal Lightning.

7. The Blue Lake

The Blue Lake

This place is also interesting to explore. There is a lake inside a cave in Bonito, Brazil. The natural scenery from this lake is just awesome. Your mind will be blown away when you see it in front of you. Every features of this lake are beautiful. Start from the water, stalactite and stalagmite stones. All of them are just perfectly combined into splendid scenery.

8. Roraima Mountain

Roraima Mountain

The next stunning natural phenomenon is the Roraima Mountain. The top of the mountain is usually triangular in shape. Most of the people know that. However, unlike the other mountain, the top of the Roraima Mountain is flat in shape. Roraima Mountain is located in the border of Guyana. This mountain is also the border spot of three countries which are Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela. With the height around 2.772 meter or 9.094 feet, Roraima Mountain is also considered as the highest mountain in the world.

9. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon is the next incredible natural phenomenon on the list. This spectacular canyon was formed by the Navajo Sandrock erosion. The erosion was caused by the giant flood and sub-aerial process in the past. The rain water is also contributing to form this beautiful canyon. The Antelope Canyon is located in the Page, Coconino Country, Arizona, the United States of America.

10. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

The next stunning natural phenomenon on the list is the Niagara Falls. This huge waterfall is also considered as one of the natural wonders in the world. Niagara Falls is also popular for it’s stunning beauty. Although the height of this waterfall is incomparable with the Angel Waterfall but still, the width aspect from this natural phenomenon will drop your jaw. There are over six million cubic of water dropped in every minutes coming from this waterfall. Niagara Falls is located in the international border of the United States of America and the province of Ontario, Canada. If you ever go there, you will see the rainbow which is visible in the center of the waterfall.


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