10 Mind Blowing Facts About Earth That You Should Know

Earth, is a living place for many creatures and life forms such as humans, plants and animals. As we all know it together, earth is really suitable living place for every kind of living creatures and organism. This planet is provided with foods, air temperature, atmosphere, and so on. Earth is probably a tiny piece of universe. However, earth is the only place that suitable for living because this planet is the abundant place of nutrient substance which is needed for all the living forms. Earth is the third planet in the universe and the age of earth is measured for 6 billion years. During those periods, earth has been experiencing many kind of phases start with the first creation of human, the existence of prehistoric animals and the advanced technology of civilizations. Although we already inhabit the earth for centuries but this planet is still keeping its secrets waiting to be revealed. So, are you ready to see the hidden facts about the earth? Here are the amazing facts about earth that you might didn’t know it before presented just for you.

1. The Shape of Earth


We are given with the information that the shape of earth is round. Well, the real fact is, earth is not perfectly round like a ball. There is a bump around the equator caused by the gravitation. Based on the research result, the polar radius of earth is 3.949,99 miles while the radius of equator is 3.963, 34 miles.

2. Anglo Saxon

Earth 2

Why we call this planet with earth? What is the reason why this planet is called that way? Well actually, the names of planets in the universe itself are adapted with the names of God and Goddess from the ancient Greek mythology. But the earth is contrary, the name of “earth” is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word which is Erda. Erda means land. However, 71% of earth elements are consist of water. For your information, earth is the only planet in the universe which has the water element.

3. Time On A Day

Earth 3

We already know that the earth needs 24 hours to rotate. However, the interesting fact it’s not precisely 24 hours. The time duration in a day is measured at 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. There are also 4 minutes delays on each day. The time difference is occurred because of different time standard. The Solar Day is used as the standard using the sun while the Sideris Day is using the stars to determining the time on a day.

4. Tectonic Plates

Earth 4

The next interesting fact is, earth is the only planet that has tectonic plates. The plates are moving for 4 inches each year. These movements are the reason why the earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are occurred. These natural disasters are surely devastating for every kind of life forms. However, these natural movements are also causing the carbon recycle which is useful for supporting the life of living creatures.

5. The Twins

Earth 5

Have you ever saw twins brother? Or you might have it? Well, you are not alone. This planet also has twins. The name of the earth’s brother is Theia. The shape of Theia resembles with Mars and the location of Theia is located 60 degrees in front or behind the Earth. Based on the research, Theia was hitting the Earth around 4,5 billion years ago. Most of the materials were exploded and becomes the materials of moon’s creation. Based on the moon’s fact, Theia has similar aspects with Earth from their metal isotopes.

6. Moon’s Orbit

Earth 6

Based on the research, moon have closer solar system with the earth. The closer distance of the moon’s orbit should make it move in uncertainty. However, the moon’s orbit is perfectly circular. There is a unique natural phenomenon related with the moon’s orbit. The size of the sun looks 400 times bigger than the earth. The distance of the sun is also 400 times farther from the earth and that is why the sun and moon looks like in a same size in the sky.

7. Unexplored Ocean

Earth 7

The scientists are busy exploring the closest planet from Earth, Mars. They are trying to find out the possibilities of living in this red planet. However, they seem to forget to explore the oceans. In fact, the explored ocean is only 10%. There are 212.906 of underwater species which are already recorded. That means that there are 25 million of underwater species are waiting to be explored.

8. The Highest Place


Mount Everest is already known as the highest mountain peak in the world with the height approximately for 8.848 meters above the sea level. However, Mount Everest is not the highest mountain peak in the world. The throne of the highest mountain peak in the world is given to the Mauna Kea. This mountain is located on Hawaiian Archipelago, United States of America. Although the height of Mauna Kea is about 4.205 meter and it’s nothing to be compared with the height of Mount Everest, but the foot of Mauna Kea is start from the bottom of the sea. If they are measured in total, the height of Mauna Kea is more than 10.000 meters.

9. The Earth’s Core

Earth 9

The Earth’s core is a central place with an extreme condition of temperature. The inner part of the earth’s core are contains with a solid steel with the thickness around 1.200 kilometer. The temperature of the earth is extremely hot around 5.000- 7.000 degree of Celsius. This condition is also called as hot as the surface of the sun.

10. The Earth’s Size

Earth 10

The shape of sun is bigger than the earth, couldn’t agree more. However, the difference is really extreme. Earth can fit around the diameter of the sun for 109 times and earth is also fit inside the sun for 13 million times. The sun contain around 333.000 time of earth’s mass and consist of 99,8 % mass in the solar system. However, the sun is still relatively small to be compared with the biggest stars in the Milky Way Solar system. So, are you still thinking that the sun is the biggest star in the universe? You might have to reconsider it again for sure.

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