10 Kind of Food Ingredients To Flush Out The Nicotine Inside Your Body

Smoking is a hazardous for our health. Even the passive smokers are vulnerable from getting the bad effect of cigarette. There are thousands of dangerous chemical constituent inside a cigarette and nicotine is one of the example. So, quit smoking from now while it’s possible is the best solution. However, quit smoking is not an easy job to do. For those who can quit from this habit, I salute you all. However, the residual effect from the hazardous constituents from cigarette likes nicotine is still staying on our body. So what is the best way to take it out? Do we have to undergoing a surgery for our lungs? Wait, unless your level of nicotine is very high, there are safe ways to get the job done. This article will discuss in how we can flush out the nicotine inside our body by food ingredients. I hope that it will give a solution not only for the active smokers but also for the passive ones. So, here they are, the list of food ingredients to flush out the nicotine inside your body.

1. Pomegranate


The first entry on the list is pomegranate. This fresh and juicy fruit is famous for its high antioxidant. Pomegranate will help you to smooth the blood stream and also increase the blood cells inside your body. This fruit is also effective for reducing the amount of nicotine inside your body. You can eat this fruit or if you want, you can make glass of healthy juice from it.

2. Orange

Mandarin Orange

Smoking habit can help you to reduce the supply of vitamin C inside your body. Lack of vitamin C will affect your body immune system to fight the hazardous viruses. Well, I believe that you don’t want to get sick so easily right? You can get the benefit of vitamin C from any kind of fruits and orange is the best example among all. You will not only get the benefit of vitamin C inside orange but also this fruit can help you to detoxify your body from nicotine. Consuming orange will also help you to increase the metabolism inside the body. This fruit is also able to reduce the stress level inside you.

3. Spinach


The second entry on the list is spinach. This green vegetable is the source of high folic acid. So spinach can help you to reduce the amount of nicotine inside your body. Spinach can also help you to clean up the residual nicotine inside your lungs.

4. Kiwi


You will lose so many vitamins as the time you are smoking. That is why the skin of active smokers looks unhealthy. Don’t worry, kiwi can help you to regain the health of your skin. Kiwi is contained with abundant source of vitamins such as A, C and E. These vitamins can help you to neutralize the nicotine inside your body. Passive smokers who are exposed with the smoke itself are also vulnerable with this skin condition. So, by consuming this fruit on daily basis, it will help you to avoid the risk of getting serious diseases caused by the smoke of cigarette.

5. Carrot


You need to realize that each time you smoke, the residual nicotine will stay for three days. Nicotine has damaging property especially for your skin. Therefore, you need to consume carrot. This bright vegetable can help you to supply the amount of vitamin A, C, K and B. All of these vitamins can help you to regain your health and reduce the amount of nicotine inside your body. If you don’t like this vegetable in your food, you can turn it into a glass of healthy juice.

6. Garlic


As one of the detoxification foods, garlic is also can help you to reduce the amount of nicotine inside your lungs. Garlic can be used to clean and reduce the fat inside your blood. Your body immune system can also get stronger because garlic has the antibiotic property. Garlic can also support the production of detoxification enzyme inside your body which is capable to filtering the residual toxin caused by cigarettes.

7. Green Tea

green Tea

Passive smokers are suggested to drink a cup of green tea on their daily basis. A cup of green tea will give the maximum amount of antioxidant especially catechin. This antioxidant can help you to increase your lever’s function. Green tea can also help you to reduce the cholesterol level and inflammation beside detoxify the amount of nicotine inside your body.

8. Seafood


Seafood is the best source of omega 3 which is useful to support the health of your lungs. The amount of omega 3 inside seafood can help you to repair the function of your lungs. There are many kind of seafood that you can choose to consume such as crab, prawn, salmon, anchovies, tuna, sardines, scallop and so on. However, you need to control the consumption of seafood or you might have to avoid eating it if you are allergic of seafood.

9. Soya Bean

Soya Bean

The next food ingredient to wipe out the nicotine is soya bean. Active or passive smokers are usually experiencing difficulty to breathe caused by the smoke of cigarette which is inhaled. If you ever have this condition and then you should start to eat soya bean from now. The amount of nutrition inside soya bean can help you to repair your lungs function and also relieve the pain in your chest. Soya bean is also contain with flavonoid which is useful as the anti inflammation on your lungs and protect them from inhaled smokes of your cigarette.

10. Cheese

Cheese (2)

The active smokers are also losing a lot of vitamin A which is should be protecting your lungs from any kind of infections. Passive smokers are also having the risk of getting cancer three times than the active ones. Protect yourselves by consuming foods with the abundant source of vitamin A. You can get the source of vitamin A in the milk based products such as cheese, yoghurt, butter and eggs. A sufficient amount of vitamin A will avoid you from the risk of getting dangerous cancers and maintain your healthiness.


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