10 Gorgeous Female Billionaires Around The World That Can Make You Admire Them

Being a billionaire and living in luxury is definitely the dream of everyone. Every people is try to achieve this dream although it might cost their life. Most of them are succeed and most of them are unfortunately failed so many times. In the other side of the world, there are people who are managed to fulfill their goal as billionaire. Their life is something that we want to have in our wildest dream. However, as the development of social life, the world of luxury is no longer dominated by men since the women can do the same thing. The term of “women power” is a stimulant factor to push young women to change their fate and showing their existence in the business world. In this article, you will find out the female billionaires in the world. Oh yes they are beautiful and yes they can buy you an island for your birthday gift but for this chance, let’s get close with them.

1. Perenna Kei (24 years)

Perenna Kei

The first female millionaire on the list is Perenna Kei from China. She is a graduating from London University in her age of 24. She holds her share around 85% in Logan Property Holdings Company and the other companies. Perenna Kei is known as a low profile woman and she didn’t want her real identity is known by public. She has fortune asset around USD 1.3 billion. With her current age, she shifted Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest billionaire in the world.

2. Ivanka Trump (34 years)

Ivanka Trump

The next young female millionaire in the world is Ivanka Trump. She inherited the business blood from her parents Ivana and Donald Trump. Ivanka Trump is starting her first business in fashion and developing her business in jewelry named Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. Although she earn around USD 2 billion, Ivanka is also active in social events and she also appointed as the speaker in “Girl Up”, a United Nation program which is helping young women to develop their potential in the developed countries. Beautiful, generous and independent, these three words are already describing Ivanka Trump as a woman in my opinion.

3. Marie Besnier Beauvalot (34 years)

Marie Besnier Beauvalot

The third female millionaire on the list is Marie Besnier Beauvalot. She run a huge company of milk production named “Lactalis” from France. Along with her two siblings, Jean Michel and Emmanuel, Marie Besnier Beauvalot is the main share holder of this company. This family company was built since 1930 by Marie’s grandfather with the total asset of fortune around USD 2,5 billion.

4. Elizabeth Holmes (31 years)

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is the next female billionaire on the list. She is a successful woman with her company. Elizabeth Holmes is the owner of a Theranos Blood Test Company located in Palo Alto, United States of America. She had to lose her uncle who had passed away because of cancer and she was driven to help the other since then. Now everybody can detect the early symptom of cancer with a few drops of blood through the blood testing product that she had created. Elizabeth Holmes has a total fortune around USD 4,6 billion. Well, she is a good example of  helping the other people can bring us life prosperity.

5. Yang Huiyan (33 years)

Yab=ng Huiyan

Yang Huiyan is the next female billionaire on the list. She run the Country Garden Holdings, a Real Estate Company from Tiongkok. Her father, Yeng Kwok Keung trusted his company to his daughter and gives her full share of the company in 2007. After she joins into the business, the company profit is rapidly increasing. The latest data of her company’s business is around USD 4,7 billion.

6. Holly Branson

Holly Branson

The next young female billionaire is Holly Branson. After she was graduated from medical faculty, Holly Branson decided to continue her father, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson business empire. As we can see that Sir Richard Branson is own the Virgin Group Company focusing on music label, health facility and international airlines, Virgin Atlantic. Holly Branson is reported to have a personal fortune around USD 4 billion. Beside her passion in business, Holly Branson is also like to doing sport and charity. On a marathon event in London, she and her 30 friends are managed to collect around USD 200.000  to be donated to the charity.

7. Jennifer Woo (33 years)

jennifer woo

She is the daughter of Peter Woo, a real estate businessman. Instead of continuing her father business, Jennifer Woo decide to work on fashion department store. With her hard work, she managed to built the most popular fashion department store in Hong Kong such as Lane Crawford Company, Pedder Group and Imaginex. Jennifer Woo has total asset of fortune around USD 4,3 billion.

8. Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg was born in 1983 and she has total asset of fortune around USD 22 billion. She is the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg Media Company and also a former New York City Mayor. As the daughter of influenced person, Georgina is also a professional horse rider which is supported by Ariat International.

9. Marta Ortega Perez (31 years)

Marta Ortega Perez

This beautiful woman is the youngest daughter of Amancio Ortega. Instead of using the fame of her father, Marta Ortega Perez decided to start her career on a very first level. She was known as the founder and also the leader of Inditex, a company which is responsible to many kind of famous brands such as Zara. This woman is also enlisted as the 5 richest people in the world with the total asset around USD 37, 5 billion.

10. Lee Seo Hyun (41 years)

Lee Seo Hyun

The next female billionaire on the list is Lee Seo Hyun. She followed her father, Lee Kun Hee which is already success as the boss of Samsung. Lee Seo Hyun is a president of Cheil Industries, a textile company which is developed into the fashion world and chemical based products. Cheil acquiring an Italian company named Colombo via della Spiga and then joined with Samsung SDI and Samsung Everland into one of the companies that providing solution for energy saving for TV, smartphone, battery, automobile and the other electric appliances. Lee Seo Hyun is known to have around USD 1,3 billion as her personal wealth.


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