10 Foods to Regain & Boost your Stamina after a Hectic Day

Do you feel easily tired or exhausted during your daily activities or after working at your office? You can’t do everything it right if you are easily tired. You also can’t get the best result if you are in a powerless condition. Your concentration will also easily fade away and you will become hard to focusing on your work when you are tired. Many food supplements has been invented to solve this problem but those food supplement will only gives you temporary effect and periodically consumption will exactly bring various bad effects on your body. So what is the best solution for this matter? What is the best food to regain and boost up our stamina? Calm down, through this article you will find out the solution. Here they are, I present you the selections of stamina booster food ingredients.

1. Banana

Banana - Food for Stamina

Banana is a kind of tropical fruits. Inside this yellow fruit contains the combinations of fiber and natural sugar or fructose. Consuming banana in the morning or before you do your exercise. The combinations of sugar and fructose will give you an extra energy to filling your stamina. Adding this fruit in your daily basis will give you endless amount of stamina.

2. Peanut Jam

Peanut Jam

Peanut jam contains a lot of omega 3 which is already known as useful fat. This fat is harmless for our body, instead it will protect your heart and it will also relieve the pain in your body parts. Peanut jam will also give you the extra energy. Peanut jam is also quite hard to digest, so it will make you full a little bit longer. A sliced of bread with peanut butter and sliced banana is the ultimate combo for your breakfast as it will give you the endless energy.

3. Mineral Water

Mineral Water

As long as you have sufficient mineral, your body will keep providing you with energy. Therefore, you need to drink at least 1-2 liter of mineral water a day to fulfilling your daily needs of water.

4. Red Grape

Red Grape

Red grape is categorized as the 10 kinds of stamina booster foods. Red grape contains natural sugar and it will be turned into energy needed for your stamina. Red grape also contains resveratol which helping you to build and support their natural sugar content to boost up your stamina in a long period of time. You can directly eat this fruit as your daily snack after your exercise or lunchtime or if you are easy to be bored, you can make it as a fresh and healthy juice.

5. Oatmeal


Let me ask you first, what kind of breakfast that you usually consume? Is it egg muffin?  Is it Bacon? Or might be sausages? Those breakfast combinations are really good but it will not give you the maximum benefit of energy. To get a maximum benefits and a blast of energy, you need to get a good breakfast menu. And this food can be your solution to get your desired result. Oatmeal is your solution. Oatmeal is the alternative of carbohydrate and it’s also enriched with fibers. Oatmeal will also gives you the extended feeling of full stomach. This food will also gives you the energy supply in a longer period of time. The combination of a bowl of oatmeal with sliced banana and a glass of red grape juice as your breakfast, what is that means? Breakfast of the champion!

6. Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are the source of vitamin C and the home of fibers. Fibers will make you full in a longer period of time and you will need vitamin C to get the abundant source of nutrition. This green vegetable will rejuvenate your stamina and they can give the rapid effect of boosting energy. So, you better start to consume green vegetables right now or at least you can combine it with your daily food to boost your stamina.

7. Orange


Our next list of stamina booster food is orange (without annoying). Orange can be your alternative source of energy supply. This fruit can also detoxify the toxin in your body. Orange can also be your guardian from various harmful viruses and maintain your body immune system. You can directly eat this fruit after you peeled it. Or you can get the effect of stamina booster in a glas of fresh orange juice.

8. Red Rice

Red Rice

Do you always feel sleepy at noon? So, let me ask you, what kind of rice that you eat? I mean what is the color? Is it white? If yes so that is the reason why you are always feel sleepy at noon. What is the best substitute for this white rice? The answer may vary depends on what do you like to eat. It could be bread, wheat bread or other primary foods. But what I want to share here is red rice. This kind of rice contain more complex carbohydrates and it has more fibers and vitamin A. Red rice will be digested slowly and you will always feeling full and have a lot of energy even if you already had a hard day at worl or activity.

9. Apple


Apple is our next source of stamina booster foods. This fruit is rich in iron substances and it will increase your hemoglobin rate inside your blood. If your body always gets the sufficient hemoglobin, your cells will be packed in energy. You can eat this fruit directly or you can make it as a healthy juice. How about apple pie? Apple pie is not recommended to be your energy source as it will vanish the vitamins in the cooking process.

10. Pumpkin


Our next stamina booster is pumpkin. Pumpkin is categorized as vegetables and fruits. Pumpkin will makes you full and it can help you to control your body hormones so your body will stay alert and fresh all of the time. You better not cooked it for so long, otherwise it will spoiled the beneficial nutrition inside it.

And that is our stamina booster foods. You can start to add them in your daily menu and say good bye to artificial food supplement. See you again in a better chance. Stay healthy everyone.




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