10 Favorite Tour Destination in Indonesia You Need to Know

Indonesia is blessed with so many beautiful places with their amazing natural scenery. Say, what do you want to see in Indonesia? The beautiful sight of under water’s environment? Indonesia will give you with the longest line of seas. High and challenging mountain? Indonesia will give you tough challenge with the list of mountainous area. Or various kinds of cultures? Indonesia will give you the various kinds of unique tradition and cultures like you never see it before. You will find what you want in here, in Indonesia. Alright, don’t take for so long time to think, I will help you to decide which one go first, is it beaches? Rocky mountain? Or amazing cultures? Well the choice is yours. My job is to help you with the lists of the Indonesian pieces of fallen heaven on earth. Here they are, enjoy and happy travelling!

1.Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of the most Indonesian popular archipelago. Raja Ampat is located on the eastern part of Indonesia in West Papua. Raja Ampat is well known for its underwater beauty. Almost half of the world species of fish lives in here. So, Raja Ampat is the perfect diving spot for you. There are also lot of inn which provide you with the hospitality and amazing scenery of Raja Ampat natural scenery

2. Bali Island


Bali, what else that we can say from this island? This is the most notable place in Indonesia. Everybody knew the fame of this thousand shrines island. You can visit the beautiful Kuta, Sindhu, Sanur and Tanah Lot beaches. You can see the beautiful sunrise in sanur and the majestic sunset of Kuta is the perfect time to propose your loved ones (isn’t it romantic?) If you are tired with these beautiful beaches (I don’t think so) you can fly your mind in the tranquility sensation of Bedugul. Bedugul will give you the calm feeling with their villages’ tourism. Bali is not only a line of beautiful beaches and natural sight of Bedugul but also it will attract with various kind of Balinese cuisines such as Ayam Betutu, suckling pig, jukut ares and so on. Come on go there and feel what I feel! Bali will absolutely give you the unbelievable moment that you will not forget for the rest of your live.

3. Bunaken


Bunaken is one of the examples of Indonesian underwater paradise. Bunaken is located in North Sulawesi. Your eyes will be spoiled with the amazing lines of reefs and various species of fishes here. Bunaken is considered as the most beautiful underwater park in the world. Hey, hey, hey I think you are already preparing your diving equipments aren’t you?



This place is the home of Javanese culture tourism. Yogyakarta will give you the hospitality and comfortable feelings as it becomes this city’s main impression. You can see the historical buildings in here such as the Royal Palace of Yogyakarta, Taman Sari and the most popular road in Yogyakarta, Malioboro. You can spend your night in Malioboro watching the crowd while enjoying various kinds of snack and tea in here. Malioboro is also the center of affordable souvenirs. So you don’t have to go for a long way to buy souvenirs because it’s already in there.

5. Lombok


Lombok is located in Nusa Tenggara Barat. Lombok is actually a compilation of small islands. You can find most of beaches here as it’s the main destination. Go to Senggigi Island which notable for its beautiful underwater scenery. You can also go to Gili Island and get ready to be mesmerized by its white sandy beach. That is why, Lombok is a must tourist destination to go.

6. Bromo


Bromo is the name of mountain located in East Java specifically located in Tengger Semeru national park. You can test your hiking skill here, and feel the excitement of seeing the sunrise behind the majestic Bromo mountain. So, are you ready to go higher?

7. Komodo Island


Have you ever see one of the Jurassic Park series? If yes, you must be remember the giant T-rex chasing down their prey fiercely. Well, the good news is, dinosaurs are already extinct since the million years ago and you don’t have to worry as it will not hunt you down. Unfortunately, I have a bad news for you. There are living dinosaurs located in Indonesia. It’s called Komodo dragon. Known as the world’s biggest lizard, komodo will haunts you with their teeth full of bacteria. Komodo dragon has been the main attraction in this island. If you are afraid with this huge lizard, you can go another place in this island and it’s still offers you with their beautiful scenery.

8. Toba Lake


This lake is another entry of the most famous and the best tourism destination in Indonesia. Toba Lake is a beautiful natural lake with a small island in the center of the lake called Samosir Island. Toba Lake is widest lake in the South East Asia. Feel the romantic sight of this lake by using a boat around the lake and free your mind with their natural scenery.

9. Wakatobi


Wakatobi is an island located in the Southeast Sulawesi province. Wakatobi is one of the national park which allow you to see their amazing underwater scenery. The beautiful scenery of Wakatobi can be compared with Raja Ampat. Visiting Wakatobi as your scuba diving destination after Raja Ampat is strongly recommended. It will not stop to mesmerize you with the natural underwater scenery.

10. Toraja


Got tired of walking in a crowded city? Or you want to escape for a while from your workaholic habit? If yes, so Toraja is your perfect solution. Toraja or Tana Toraja will offer your escape with its outstanding natural scenery and there are traditional cultures which are still existed in this current era. The tradition is a burial ceremony called Rambu Solo. Rambu Solo is considered as the most expensive burial process in Indonesia and probably the world.

Now, we are already arrived at the end of our journey, I hope that you enjoyed the reading tour through this article. Don’t be hesitate and afraid to go to Indonesia because it’s dangerously beautiful!


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