10 Cute but Deadly Animals

They are hard wired for survival, and if the heavens made them one of the most cute, tame looking creatures on earth, that has absolutely nothing to do with this drive. There is reason animals are called animals, and that is because they are wild. Most animals will do whatever is necessary to remain free, procreate, protect their young, keep their territory, and eat a belly full of something scrumptious although they seem cute. Let’s look at a few of the least commonly recognized deadly animals on the planet, which also just happen to be among the most cute, beautiful, and graceful.

1. Platypus


Besides having the most obvious use of scooping food, it has built-in electro-receptivity, similar to that of the Hammerhead shark, allowing it to find food buried within the silt. Their venom is deadly for small animals, and while not typically fatal for humans, causes excruciating pain that can last for weeks, if not months.There are two very unique attributes of the platypus, the first, being its duckbill.  The other unique attribute, is a pair 15 mm long hollow spurs placed along the inside of their rear legs.The platypus is truly one of the strangest mammals on the earth, with its thick fuzzy body, flat beaver-like tail, otter-like feet, duck-like bill, and cute beady little eyes.  Inside these spurs resides a moderate toxin, which can be quickly delivered to an enemy (or their own kind) with a fleeing kick.

2. Puffer Fish

Puffer FIsh

Fishermen recommend the use of thick gloves to avoid poisoning and the risk of getting bitten when removing the hook. While the neurotoxin isn’t enough to bring down something as large as a shark, it’s totally enough to kill humans. The puffer fish is covered with tiny little spines that inject tetrodotoxin into their victims. The pufferfish is the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet.

3. Slow Loris

Slow Loris

With its narrow set, bulbous eyes, they are the kind of animal that people dream of taking home and cuddling it like a teddy bear.The Slow Loris is one of the absolute most cute, sweet, and shy mammals on earth.  However, besides being one of the cutest mammals, it is also the most poisonous and venomous. By poisonous, the Slow Loris produces a toxin on the inside of its elbows through a gland, which if eaten, would give you quite an extreme case of stomach pain. They smear this excretion on their young, to help keep them from being eaten in the wild. They are also considered venomous because if provoked, they can suck this same poison from their elbows into their mouths, injecting it into an enemy via a bite. If the presumed predator shows an allergic reaction to the toxin, they could be dead within hours if not properly treated.

4. Mice


By the same token, mice also leave something deadly in their droppings that can cause death to humans. Mice can carry the hantavirus, which is then left in their little presents. If any of those particles from the poop are breathed in by humans, they can cause an infection which then leads to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

5. Moose


Don’t let the cartoonish grin fool you; moose are among the most dangerous, regularly encountered animals in the world. They prefer to leave humans alone, but if disturbed or threatened they are known to respond by charging with aggression. They attack more people annually than bears do, and they are especially aggressive when defending a calf.

6. Swan


They are not only relatively gentle creatures in nature, but they are also terrific parents and would protect their young to the bitter end.Swans are such beautiful and graceful creatures.  And here lies the problem. Many birds have an instinct to protect their young when approached by a predator, but they will eventually give up if the predator is too strong or dangerous to deter. The swan however, does not give up. They will keep going until either they are dead, or the pursuant is, whichever comes first. These creatures, which can grow up to 30 pounds in weight, are very aggressive when provoked, and will bite and hit you without hesitation. The real danger however stands for those who are unable to swim, as swans have been known to fly over a perceived enemy, pushing them under the water until they drown.

7. Cassowary


A cassowary looks like a flamboyant ostrich and can be found wandering the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea. It prefers to keep a low profile, but when disturbed this flightless bird can become extremely aggressive and territorial. Capable of running and leaping at high speeds, the cassowary attacks by thrusting its large claws forward with the aim of disemboweling its target.

8. Polar Bear

Polar Bear

The beautiful polar bear has appeared in everything from cartoons, movies and television ads, playing soft, fuzzy, gentle creatures, who are as noble in their allegiance with the human race, as they are adamant in their preference to the taste of Coca-Cola beverages. While a Polar bear sleeping on an ice berg with its paws clutched around it like a toddler holding their teddy bear is truly cute, that same creature slapping the head clean off an unwary arctic explorer, is a whole other rush of fear inducing adrenaline. The polar bear is the largest carnivore in North America, weighing up to 1500 pounds, and standing up to 10 feet on its hind legs. Somewhere between 20 to 90 people are attacked each year by the polar bear. With no natural enemy, a male polar bear has been said to have the strength to rip a 12-inch thick seal clean out of a 4-inch hole, as if it were peeling a banana for breakfast.

9. Dolphin


Dolphins have been compared to humans on a number of fronts. They are intelligent, communicate with each other, have the ability to learn, do tricks, play jokes, and can almost use their fins as hands. What’s not to love? Dolphins however, are also known for their insatiable sexual yearning, and deep respect from others within the ocean. Deep respect? Yes, it has been shown on countless occasions (including the show, Myth Busters) that even the great white shark is more than just a little intimidated by a dolphin. Why? they must know something that we don’t. Dolphins can be violent. Not only have they been known to kill and maim their own young, they also kill porpoises and play with their dead carcass for no apparent reason other than its fun. Male dolphins particularly show aggression towards human males when there’s a female involved.

10. Siberian Chipmunk

Siberian Chipmunk

Now here is a cute and cuddly creature. The chipmunk stands about six inches from nose to tail. While the most aggression you will probably see from these creatures, is trying to take your sandwich during a picnic, they can be considered dangerous in other ways. I’m talking about the possibility of harboring disease. Siberian Chipmunks have been reported as spreading throughout many areas of the world, bringing with them, ticks (Lyme disease) and rabies. While both are treatable, if the disease is undetected and left untreated, heart and neurological problems can ensue, followed by coma and death in really extreme cases.


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