10 Crazy Facts About Hamburger You Don’t Really Need To Know

Who doesn’t know about this popular junk food? Hamburger is one of the most recognized junk food in the world. They can be found anywhere on the street or fancy restaurants. Hamburger has become the important element in the world of junk food until today. Hamburger could be filled with almost any kind of food combinations. The most common combination of hamburger is consisting of burger buns, patty, vegetables and sauce. The taste of hamburger is definitely delicious and the price is also affordable by the most of people. Although it’s categorized as junk food but hamburger is still popular and their fans are increasing each years. Most of the hamburger fans are arguing that burger with salad and tomato is a healthier to consume. However, the amount of natrium inside burger is quite high and the usage of processed meat is already known to be hazardous if they are consumed in a long period of time. The existence of hamburger is surely controversial. I would like to give you the interesting facts about hamburger that you might didn’t know it before. So, I’m calling for all of the hamburger fans around the world, are you ready? Here are the secret facts about hamburger presented just for you.

1. The First Hamburger

The First Hamburger

I believe that most of us are thought that this food is the heritage cuisine of America. According from the history, the first hamburger was found by a man named Louis Lassen in 1900. He was serving a sandwich filled with meat which is called as hamburger. The name itself is coming from the original birthplace of this food and the name of the city is Hamburg, Germany. Now you know that hamburger is not coming from the United States of America right?

2. The Biggest Burger

The Biggest Burger

Let’s go to the next interesting fact about burger. The biggest burger ever known in the world was named with the Quadruple Bypass Burger. The Guinness World Record even noted this burger as the most burger with calories in the whole world. The majestic size of this burger seems to deliver a clear message for every hamburger fans out there. Dare to eat them all?

3. Celebrity Choice

Celebrity Choice

Let’s move to another fun fact of hamburger. Before I start, let me ask you one question, do you know Elvis Presley? If your answer is no, then I would like to give the brief profile of him. Elvis Presley is a King of Rock n’Roll music with his everlasting hits single entitled with “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. He is also known as the diehard fans of hamburger. He always put this junk food as “a must eat” food on his world tours.

4. Change of Name

Change of Name

I think we had enough with the Elvis Presley on the previous discussion, so let’s move out to the next interesting fact about burger. The government of the United States of America wants to change the name “hamburger” with “Liberty sandwiches” during the First World War. I think most of you already know the reason why the American government is trying to do this. However, their effort of seems not working as it should be.

5. Most Consumed Food

Most Consumed Food

According from the experts, hamburger is the most consumed junk food in the world. In the United State of America, 13 millions of hamburger is consumed each year. If the entire hamburger is lined up, this number is the same as the distance of 32 feet around the world.

6. Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

There is a Hamburger Hall of Fame which is located in Seymour, Wisconsin, United States of America. This building was made to honoring the hamburger reputation especially for those who broke the world’s record related with this food. If you are one of the hamburger fans, then I suggest you to go there and be the part of hamburger history.

7. Hamburger’s Perfume

Hamburger’s Perfume

The fragrance of hamburger is specially created for those who meat lovers. This perfume is created to get the hamburger meat sensation. The name of this strange product is named “Flame”. This fragrance product is created from the smell of grilled meat. The smell from this perfume is surely appetizing but I suggest that you never try to spray it on yourself.

8. Burger’s Patty

Burger’s Patty

One of the most important factors in term of delicious burger is coming from their patty. Beef is a common meat which is used for making burger’s patty. The main problem is coming from the process itself. People are curious in how was the beef is turned into burger patties. Unfortunately, the cows which are prepared to process into the main of patty’s ingredient are brutally slaughtered. Their head was hit by hammer before they were slaughtered. However, this brutal process is no longer used as the modern ways were invented. Another fact from the burger patty is, a single patty was made from various cows!

9. Vegetarian Burger

Vegetarian Burger

Burger is consisting of burger bun, chopped vegetables and meat. Of course this combination is not popular for those who choose their live as vegetarians. However, with the current advanced technology, the vegetarian people can also enjoying the vegetarian hamburger as well. This must be good news for all vegetarian people out there. However, this burger is not as healthy as we thought before. The vegetarian burger is contained with Hexane. This hazardous substance can be found inside the vegetarian burger. Hexane is a side product from the purified gasoline and no doubt about it, this chemical substance is really dangerous to be consumed.

10. Hard to Decompose

Hard to Decompose

There is no doubt about that hamburger is categorized as junk food with the highest amount of preservatives. This fact is already proved by the scientists who have observed one burger. This burger was kept into a small chamber for a week, and the result is really stunning. The burger is didn’t change at all. The burger still looks edible to eat. This fact is proved that the amount of preservatives inside a burger is really high. So, we need to be more cautious with this delicious junk food.


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