10 Beautiful Buddhism Temples You Need To Know

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world. Buddhism was based on the teaching from Siddhartha Gautama or known as “The Buddha” since the 5th century in the northeast of India. Buddhism is means to escape from the cycle of reincarnation and heading to Nirvana. There are 500 millions of Buddhism worshippers in the world. Buddhism worshippers are also famous as the greatest architects with their majestic buildings of Buddhism around the world. Through this article, you will about to see the majestic Buddhism temples in the world so be prepared to get amazed with their beautiful and elaborate buildings of Buddhism presented just for you.

1. Haeinsa


Our first destination in search of Buddhism Temple is Haeinsa. Haeinsa means “The Temple Reflection of The Sea” The Shrine of Haeinsa is the most important shrine in South Korea. This shrine was built in 802. Unfortunately, it was burn in 1817and it was rebuilt in the 19th century. The most valuable treasures of this shrine are the complete holy books of Buddha named Tripitaka Koreana which is written on the 81.258 blocks of wood.

2. Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Our next destination of the most Buddhism Temple in the world is Wat Arun Temple. Wat Arun Temple is located in the side of Thonburi, Chao Phraya River. Wat Arun means “The Temple of The Dawn”. Wat Arun Temple is one of the oldest landmarks and it’s also the most famous temple in Bangkok. Wat Arun Temple is the architecture representative from Meru Mountain, the center of the universe in the Buddhism cosmology. The best scenery from Wat Arun is at sunset. Feel the beautiful moment at Wat Arun with your loved ones in here. You will not regret it.

3. Phat That Luang

Pha That Luang

Our next destination of beautiful Buddhism temples is located in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. Phat That Luang.Phat That Luang means “The Laotian Majestic Stupa”. Phat That Luang is one of the most important buildings in Laos. Phat That Luang has several terraces with their different levels as the representation of the enlightment of Buddha. The lowest level represents the material world while the highest level represents the empty world. Phat That Luang was built in the 19th century above the previous ruins of Khmer temple. The temple was destroyed by the Siam invasion in 1828. Phat That Luang was rebuilt by the France in 1931.

4. Jokhang


Our next destination in searching of beautiful Buddhism temple is Jokhang Shrine. Jokhang is located in Lhasa. Jokhang Shrine is the most sacred and important place in Tibet. This shrine was built as the following order by King Songstan Gampo in the 7th century. The Mongolians are raiding this shrine for many times but Jokhang shrine were still survived. The area of Jokhang Shrine are including 25.000 meter per square.

5. Todaiji


Alright, our next destination in search of beautiful Buddhism temple is still continuing. Our next Buddhism temple brings us to Japan. Our next temple is Todaiji. Todaiji is located in Nara, Japan. Todaiji means “The Biggest East Temple”. This temple is one of the most significant temples in Japan. Todaiji temple was built in the 8th century as the following order of the Emperor Shomu as the central temple in every Japanese temple. Nowaday, you can watch the remains of the original building of Todaiji. Daibatsuden is one of the biggest statue of Buddha in Japan and it’s also the biggest wooden building in the world although most of the building are different from the original structrures.

6. Boudhanath


Alright, our next destination is Boudhanath. Boudhanath is located in Kathamandu, Nepal. Boudhanath is the largest stupa in the world. This building is the central of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. The Mughal invaders were destroying this building and it was rebuilt in the 14th century. Most of the Tibetan refugees have been settled in here for the last decade. The most iconic building in Boudhanath probably is the eye of Buddha which is shown on the 4 sides of the towers.

7. Mahabodhi Temple


Our next destination is Mahabodhi Temple. Mahabodhi Temple means “The Majestic Enlightment”. This temple is located in Bodh Gaya, India. The main area of this temple is contained with the real descendant of Bodhi Trees where Buddha Gautama obtained the enlightment and the most sacred place in Buddhism. After 250 years since Buddha Gautama obtain the enlightment, The King of Asoka was built a temple on this place. Mahabodhi Temple was built in the 5-6 century.

8. Pagoda Shwedagon


Our journey in search of beautiful Buddhism temples has brought us to Yangon, Myanmar. Our next beautiful temple is Pagoda Shwedagon. Pagoda Shwedagon means “The Golden Pagoda”. This building is the most sacred place in Myanmar. Pagoda Shwedagon is approximately was built in the Mon era during the Bagan period in the 6-10 century. This building is very beautiful with their glowing light, colorful stupas which are amazing. And the most eye catching of this building is, a 99 meters of stupa which is realy coated in pure gold.

9. Bagan


Our next destination is Bagan. Bagan is also spelled with “Pagan”. Bagan is located in the edge of Ayerwaddy River. Bagan is the biggest ancient sites in the world. Bagan is contained with Buddhist temples, stupas, pagodas, and the other ruins. On their former glorious era in 1000-1200, this site is the former capital city of several ancient kingdoms in Myanmar and there are approximately 4.400 of temples. In 1287, Bagan was fall into the hands of Mongol. The reason why Bagan is fall into Mongolian Empire is because the people of Bagan were rejecting to pay the tributes to Kubilai Khan. The role of Bagan as the center of politic is rapidly decreased but it’s still continuously developed as the center of learning Buddhism.

10. Borobudur Temple


Alright, our last journey to find the most beautiful Buddhism temple has brought to Indonesia. Located in Central Java, Borobudur Temple is the biggest and the most popular Buddhism temple around the world. Borobudur Temple was built for 75 years in the 8th-9th century by the Syailendra dynasty. There are 2 millions of stone blocks was being used to build this temple. This temple was abandoned in the 14th century for a mysterious reason and this temple was hidden under the volcanic ashes deep in the jungle.

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