10 Amazing Facts of Male’s Body Are Finally Found

An ideal male body is described as carved body along with their six pack abs. An ideal male body is also described to always be the center of attention of everyone especially for the females. Having an ideal body is definitely one of every man’s dreams. However, I’m not going to discuss about how to get an ideal body shape for man because the definition of man can’t be judged only from the visual appearances. Ideal or not, the body of man is also keeping the same secrets. So, are you interested to know the secret of the male’s body? Alright, here are the secret of male’s body revealed just for you.

1. Cellulite Free

Cellulite Free

The first interesting fact from the male’s body is they are free from cellulite. Cellulite is very familiar with female’s body. This skin problem usually can be found in the thigh, buttock, stomach and upper arm. For all the males in the world, this is a good news for you because you don’t have to be afraid with cellulite since it will not affecting you. The males are also having fat layer in their body. However, these fat layers are hidden under the skin. For your information, our skin are layered consist of base layer which is muscle, the next layer is fat, the third layer is the neuron system and external skin. The fat layer on females is thicker while the neuron system and external skin are thinner than males. The external skin from males is thicker so the fat layers are not visible outside the body.

2. The Disadvantages of Smoking

The Disadvantages of Smoking

Smoking is hazardous to our body. This warning sign is true. A cigarette is contain with millions dangerous chemical compounds for our body. The amount of nicotine is also contributing the constriction of blood vessels. If this harmful condition is continued, it will disturb the amount of bloodstream which is going to the penis. A few amount of bloodstream to the penis will also disturbing the erection process. The health experts are believed that smoking is proving to increase the risk of impotence to males for 30%. This number of percentage can go higher up to 50% when the males are reaching the age of 50. So, do you still want to smoke now?

3. More Tiny Hairs

More Tiny Hairs

Some of the women must be thinking why the men have more tiny hairs on their body. Well, the answer for this question is the male’s body is contained with androgen hormone which is triggering the growth of tiny hairs. So, is it already answering your question?

4. Endless Desire

Endless Desire

The next amazing fact about the male’s body is, they didn’t recognize the boundaries of sexual desire. The sexual desires from the males are still existed although the males are already reaching the age more than 40. According from the research result which is conducted by the University of Sidney in Australia reveal that the amount of testosterone in males will not be reduced although it’s already reaching the old age. However, the amount of this hormone is only reducing if the males are suffering health problems like obesity, or heart disease. Lack of sleep is also considered as one of the factors of reduced sexual desire in man.

5. Prominent Adam’s apple

Prominent Adam’s apple

Both of males and females are having Adam’s apple. Although both of the sexes are having the same thing, but the Adam’s apple in men are bigger than the females. The vocal chords in men are usually bigger than females. So, that is why, the man’s cartilage are thicker and more prominent. The bigger vocal chord means the bigger voice which is coming out. The most interesting fact is, the male voice can also being used to indicate the sexual healthy and quality. Therefore, the females are more attracted on males with heavy sound.

6. Strong Body Aroma

Strong Body Aroma

Have you ever feel unconfident with the smell of your body? The foul odor in the male’s body is considered as one of the biggest problems. Your face might be handsome and your body might be attractive but if you have bad smell on your body, which will be meaningless. The foul odor from your body is caused by the combination of sweat and bacteria. The amount of testosterone in men is high and this condition is triggering the production of sweat especially on the armpit, groin and the other hidden body parts.

7. Baldy Head


Alright, let’s go to the next amazing fact about male’s body. Although the number of tiny hairs in men is thicker than women but the fact is, males are vulnerable to baldness. You can see that many men who are entering the age of 30 are most likely suffering the hair loss. The root of this problem is caused by the existence of dihydrotestosterone or (DHT) inside the male’s body. This hormone is slowly diminishing the hair follicles in your scalp. The DHT hormone will keep diminishing your hair following your aging process.

8. Easier to Sweat


Have you ever noticed that the males are easier to get sweat? Don’t worry, this is a normal condition. The male’s body will naturally reach the highest body temperature when they go to sleep. This temperature will drop rapidly when they woke up. The rapid drop of body temperature is the trigger of sweat in the morning. Beside the natural factor, stress is also the cause of sweat. If someone especially men are stress, he is more likely easier to get sweat.

9. Producing Milk


Just like females, the males are also having the mammary glands and they can also producing milk. However, the milk is not enough to be consumed by the babies. Even the male’s lactation is usually caused by the interaction of prolactin, a hormone which is needed to producing milk. On a very rare case, the extreme hunger can releasing high concentration of hormone and this hormone is allowing the males to producing milk.

10. Steady Body Growth

Body Growth

The female’s body is generally smaller than the males. The females are tend to have taller body curve and shorter toes, however, according to the myth, the male’s leg is not related with their genital part of their body.

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