10 Amazing Facts About Dog You Need To Know

This animal has four legs and their tails are never stopping to move when they are feeling happy. Yes! It’s a dog! Dog must be familiar in our life especially if you have dog at home. They are always waiting for you to come home and hug them. Dog is the most popular pet in the world, no doubt about it. They come in various species and their price are also vary depend on the rarity itself. That is the facts about dog. But do you know that there are more interesting facts from dogs that you might didn’t know before. So, are you ready to know all of it? Check this one out!

1. They Are Not Color Blind

They Are Not Color Blind

Have you ever heard about the myth that saying dog is a color blind animal? Well, I believe that most of you are already heard about it. Dog can only recognized black and white color. The truth is, they are not color blind animals and they can recognize the various colors. Although they can’t recognized the various colors like human do but dog can’t always see the whole things in black and white colors. Dog can’t identify between red and green but a dog can see the colors in the yellow and blue shadow.

2. Dog Can Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Dog can Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Most of the dogs are described as carnivore animals and most of their foods are meat. Do you know about the fact that dog likes to eat vegetables and raw fruits? These fruits and vegetables are the diets needed for fulfilling the daily needs of dog to make their body, skin and fir are healthier. The texture from the vegetables are needed to make their teeth is shinier than only consuming meat all the time. Giving vegetables and fruits to your dog is allowed but you need to avoid the garlic or raisin since it will bring food poisoning to your dog.

3. Never give them Chocolate

Never give them Chocolate

Have you ever heard about the danger of chocolate if you give it to your dog? As a dog lover, you might ever hear about this myth. If the most myth is incorrect, but not with this one. A bar of chocolate is hazardous for your dog. A bar of chocolate has chemical content named Theobromine and it will bring fatal effect for your dog. Eating 100-150 mg of chocolate could send your loyal partner to the grave. So, you can’t give this sweet food for your dog and you should keep it by yourself.

4. Passive Dog Live Longer

Passive Dog Live Longer

According to the recent research in June 2010 by the American Naturalist toward 56 dogs, the researchers are trying to find out the various factors which are deciding the energy, personality, growth and lifespan of dog. The result is, an aggressive or fierce dog has rapid growth and they will die in short period of time. Unlike the aggressive dog, a passive or tamed dog have slower growth and their lifespan is longer than the aggressive dog.

5. Dog Could Diagnosing Diseases

Dog could Diagnosing Diseases

Dog has really sensitive sense of smell. This fact is already known for a long time ago. But, do you know that dog could use their sense to diagnosing the diseases? Dog can be used to diagnosing the dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or epileptic. Based on a study result, dog can be trained to diagnosing various kinds of cancers such as lungs, breast, skin and prostate. The scientists thought that dogs can recognize the different smell of people with the abnormal cells or in ill condition.

6. Sensitive to Thunder

Sensitive to Thunder

Do you know that lightning or thunder which occurred during the rain is producing the frequency or vibration which is really painful for your dog? That is why, your dog is shocked and barking when the thunder are occurring on a rainy day. Now you know that dogs are sensitive from thunder or lightning right?

7. Ice Cream Lover

Ice Cream Lover

Most of you must have at least one favorite flavor of ice creams right? Well, ice cream is surely the all time favorite snacks on earth. Ice cream can be the alternative of water to prevent the dehydrations. Ice cream has soluble vitamin and nutrition. Ice cream is not only the favorite snack for human but also dogs are loved to eat ice cream. Ice cream can make the fur of dog become healthier. Bu you need to be careful because chocolate flavor ice cream is hazardous for your dog due to its Theobromine content.

8. Eat Grass and Dung

Eat Grass and Dung

If you ever found a dog eating their own dung and grass you might wondering why they are eager to eat their own excrement. You don’t have to be shock, they do this habit because they lack of mineral and nutrition. Dogs are eating the grass because it’s needed to supporting their digestive system to running smoothly or when they feel uncomfortable. Dogs are eating the grasses in order to excreting disturbing content inside their body.

9. Jealousy


How do you feel when you don’t get the affection you need the most while the other are getting it easily? Your emotion must be filled with the jealousy emotion. Well, not only us, dog can also feel the jealousy. This fact might be bizarre to hear but based on the recent study shows that dog can express their jealousy. This fact can be seen by the resemblance of oxytocin hormone inside the human and dog in expressing their love and jealousy. So, if you are lucky enough to have more than one dogs, be sure to give them the same affection and hug them in separated place in your home to prevent the dog jealously.

10. Understanding Human Language

Understanding Human Language

Parrot, dolphin and monkey can be trained to recognize the human voice. They are also able to understand and memorize the instructions given to them. But did you know that dog can be trained the same things? Dogs can be trained to recognize and memorizing until 150 words. For the smarter species of dogs, they can be memorize and understanding 250 words. That is why, you can train them to sit, rolling , chasing, and laying on the ground.

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