10 Affordable Countries Which Are Suitable For Your Backpacker Plan

Travelling to other countries is absolutely a memorable experience. You can see a lot of natural wonders, hospitality and also unique traditions in every destination that you visited. However, not all the destinations are offering affordable price. You need to prepare your personal expenses and travelling fund which are already saved a long day before. If your saving is not enough but you still want to travel, backpacker travelling is your best solution. Backpacker travelling is allowing you to go outside the countries without taking too much expense. Backpacker travelling is the most fun way to spend your vacation time. It’s always easy to travel with affordable expense with minimum luggage. There are also countries which are perfect for your backpacker travel plan. So, here are the best countries for backpacker presented just for you. Happy reading and don’t forget to be happy everyone!

1. Turkey

Istanbul, TurkeyWith their unique cultural combination between Europe and Asia, Turkey is the best country to be visited. This country is really different with yours. The foods in here are also amazingly delicious and come in affordable prices too. Is that all? No, not yet. Turkey is also the place of stunning landscapes. Don’t forget to visit the Old City of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia and The Church of Chorra.

2. Nicaragua

nicaraguaThe second country on the list is Nicaragua. Although this country is not so popular and filled with tourists, Nicaragua is worthy enough to be visited. You will discover stunning natural landscapes of colonial cultures in here. Go to Granada as it keeping unique colonial heritage buildings and also a amazing volcanic lake of Laguna de Apoyo which is located in Masaya. The best time to visit Nicaragua is on December until February because the current weather is dry and the air temperature is around 32 Celsius degrees. Not so hot isn’t it?

3. Thailand

Krabi Thailand - Popular Honeymoon DestinationThe third country on the list is Thailand. This is a perfect country to having fun without draining your wallet. Thailand is popular as backpacker’s destination. Discover the local and authentic taste of Thailand cuisines. If we are talking about Thailand, it’s not only about its delicious foods but also their unique traditions and stunning beaches. All of these wonderful combinations makes Thailand is deserved to be called as the best country for backpacker.

4. Peru

peruPeru is a country which is offering you with the most traditional cultures in the world. The capital city of Peru, Lima is probably the first place that you need to visit. You will discover many historical landscapes in there. After that walk your way to discover the stunning sandy beaches, tranquil rainforest, and fantastic ancient ruins. Machu Picchu is a must visited place in here since it will give you an incredible experience of exploring the ancient town in Peru. If you want to visit Peru, don’t forget to wear a comfortable shoe, city map, and little bit exercise of Spanish language. All of these things can accompany you during the journey to Peru.

5. Sri Lanka

colomboThe next popular destination for backpacker is Sri Lanka. Visit Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka and Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. Both of these cities are worthy to be visited since it’s filled with the local people offering affordable accommodations, foods and souvenirs. The hillside of Sri Lanka is also beautiful to discover and the transportation is also cheap.

6. Costa Rica

costa ricaIf you are an outdoor enthusiast or natural lovers, you need to visit Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the perfect country to fill up your dream to see a majestic volcano, amazing national park, lake, and colorful animal all in one place. The National Park of Corcovado is the main tourist destination in Costa Rica. It will provide you with many kind of amazing outdoor activities and attractions If you want to experiencing the Caribbean culture in an affordable cost, plan your holiday to Costa Rica right now.

7. India

indiaThis country is also the perfect place for your backpacker plan. As a popular destination for backpacker, India will provide you with affordable accommodations, foods, and hostels. India has their own unique cultures, authentic cuisines and historical places which are makes this place is worth to be visited. Although some of the people are thought that this country is dangerous but India is still a beautiful city to visit. As long as you stay alert with the surrounding environment, then you should be fine.

8. Nepal

nepalAre you searching a country with a tropical nature and classic Asian culture? If you nod your head after reading this, then Nepal is your perfect destination. Discover the stunning cultural heritage of Asia in here.  Don’t forget to visit Bhaktapur in the valley of Kathmandu. You will find the most popular sacred temples of Buddha and Hindu named Manakama, Budhanilkantha and Pashupatinath. This country is so beautiful and a month of journey is not enough to explore the whole beauty inside it. The accommodation and food in here are also affordable and easy to get, so you don’t have to worry anymore when visiting this place.

9. Albany

albanyThe ninth country on the list is Albany. If the journey to Greece and Italy are seems to be an impossible dream, then this country is the best alternative destination. Albany is a beautiful country with their rich cultural heritage. Albany is also the popular destination for backpacker in the world. If you go to this country, don’t forget to visit Tirana. Tirana is the best city to see the amazing museums and also splendid historical sites. You can walk your way to the Dajti Hill and be prepare to see the stunning scenery of it. You can also enjoy the warm sunlight and white sandy beaches in Dermi and Jala. With these combinations of natural spots and museums, Albany is a perfect country to visit.

10. Indonesia

indonesiaThe last country on the list is Indonesia. Clear ocean, pearly white beaches, fantastic rainforests just name it because you can find all of them in here. You will see a lot of beautiful things without taking out your money in Indonesia. Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia, it will provide you with beautiful beaches, delicious foods, and splendid temples. So, after reading this article, which one is your favorite country for your backpacker destination?

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