13 Secret Facts Of Dolphin You Don’t Have To Know

Who doesn’t know about this friendly sea creature? They are fast, elegant and also the smartest mammals in the world. They are always found swimming in a group and rarely seen to be swimming alone. Dolphins are popular to be the most creature with their intelligence, social and acrobatic ability. Although they are already known to be the most intelligence creature on earth, but it’s really hard to measure their intelligence level because they use their brain differently with humans. There are many facts of dolphin that you might ever read before on the other articles but I will provide you with the information about dolphin that you might be missed. Are you ready to find out the secret facts of dolphin? Check this out!

1. Like to Follow

Like to Follow

The first secret facts about dolphin are they like to follow anything in front of them. Dolphins like to swim following the speed boat or jumping in front of it. The white pacific dolphins are known to be the fastest species of dolphin. They can swim about 28 kilometer per hour. They can swim faster when they are following the speed boats. You might wonder why the dolphins can swim faster when they are following the speed boats. The speed boats producing the upstream wave and the dolphins are swimming between the waves and following the stream. So, the dolphins don’t have to use their energy to swim when following the speed boats.

2. Noisy Sound

Noisy Sound

The second interesting fact about dolphins is they can use sound to see the objects nearby. The dolphins are producing the sounds and they will hear the echo to find the location of foods and navigation. The dolphins are also use their loud voices underwater to make the smaller fishes are dizzy and easier to catch.

3. Leg Bones

Leg Bones

The dolphins are already popular as the excellent swimmer on the sea. But do you know that dolphins are having legs in their bone structures? Yes it is, the ancient dolphin have legs in their bone structures since in the prehistoric times. The scientists are found two pieces of pelvis bones structure inside the dolphin’s body. The scientists are arguing that the prehistoric dolphins could walk on the land.

4. Sharp Teeth

Sharp Teeth

The next amazing facts about dolphins are they have longer and much more teeth than crocodile. There are species of dolphin which is known to have 250 sharp teeth. The good news is, they are rarely attack the human. I mean, have you ever watch or read the news about dolphin attacking human right?

5. Excellent Teamwork

Excellent Teamwork

The dolphin is not only having sharp teeth but also popular as the excellent creature of teamwork. The dolphins are hunting their prey together in groups. The dolphins will surround their prey and attacking sporadically. The surrounding area is also wide and it’s getting smaller to confusing their preys. After that, they will start the feeding frenzy.

6. Fisherman Friend

Fisherman Friend

The next interesting facts about dolphins are they like to gather around the fishermen’s ship while jumping on the sea. They will lead the fishes to go inside the fishermen’s net. The bottle nosed dolphins are known to give signs for the fishermen if their nets are already loaded with fishes. I think we should give more credits for this amazing fact of dolphin.

7. Nicknames


Alright, let’s go to the next interesting facts of dolphins. They are communicating with some kind of whistle and using names for recognizing each other. Many scientists are thought that dolphins have special sign of calling. They are also using special greetings when they have to separate with their friends.

8. Helping Nurse

Helping Nurse

When the female dolphin is going to gave birth, another dolphin will take the rule as a nurse by protecting and help the process of gave birth. After the dolphin’s baby is born, the “nurse” will also help to protect the baby.

9. Like to Joking

Like to Joking

Just like human, dolphins are like to joking. There is a funny story related with this fact. A dolphin named Ake was asked to help the trainer to clean up the pool. Ake is carrying the leaves and things and then Ake is delivering the garbage to the trainer. After the job is done, the dolphin is started to peeling the paint from the pool and then he delivers it to the trainer while laughing.

10. Live in the Freshwater

Live in the Freshwater

Most of the dolphin species are located on the sea. But there are five species of dolphins which are lived on the river. The freshwater dolphins can be located in the South Asian continent areas including the Yangtze River in China, Amazon River in Brazil, and Orinoco in South America.

11. Half Sleeping

Half Sleeping

The dolphin’s visions are really excellent if they compared with our vision. Our vision can’t be focus underwater. Our vision will blur under the sea. The dolphin’s eye is like a modern camera which is allowing them to see clearly on the land or water. This sophisticated eye is really needed by the dolphin as their defense mechanism. Every time they go to the surface, the dolphin will examine the bird’s movement around them. A group of bird is the sign of fishes located in there. Several species of dolphins must go to the water’s surface to breathing for 20-30 seconds. The dolphins are resting by activating half of their brains and they will close one of their eyes.

12. Special Eyes

Special Eyes

The special design of dolphin’s eye is also allowing them to protect their eyes from the salty water. Each of the dolphin eyes can focusing on a different spot at the same times. Therefore, a dolphin can look in front of them with one eye while another eye is used to deciding the swimming direction. The dolphin also closed their one eye and resting half of their brain if necessary.

13. Unique Hearing Sense

Unique Hearing Sense

Dolphins don’t have visible external ears. Their ears are small holes located behind their eyes which are not connected with the central ears.  The scientist are found that the sounds were delivered to the inner and center ears by lobus-fat which is located inside the lower jaw and many bones structure inside their skull.